CTA legal department supported Gina Boyd and
Tim O'Neill's deposition shenanigans
September 10, 2002
To: Beverly Tucker
From:  Maura Larkins

Today there was a deposition taken in the Dismissal Action which Chula Vista
Elementary School District has taken against me.  

Jo Ellen Hamilton, one of the teachers whose accusations caused me to be
removed from my classroom on two separate occasions in 2001 was being
deposed by my lawyer, Elizabeth Schulman.

Jo Ellen Hamilton said she was being represented by the district lawyer, Mark
Bresee.  Gina Boyd, President of Chula Vista Educators, was also there to
represent Jo Ellen.  My lawyer objected to Boyd’s presence both before and
during the deposition.  Gina said, “I’m staying.”

Mark Bresee said that Gina will also be at tomorrow’s depositions.

My lawyer pointed out that Gina has represented me in the past.  

I just want to inform you formally that this took place today, and is expected to
take place again tomorrow.
 I believe what Boyd did today was a violation
of stated CTA policy and possibly state law.
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Beverly Tucker ignored this letter
Gina Boyd, president of Chula Vista Educators, represented Maura Larkins.  
She had graduated from law school, and told Maura Larkins that she was
advising her as her lawyer.  But it appears that she was not only practicing law
without a license, she was also actively working against her "client."  Her motives
became clear at the deposition of Jo Ellen Hamilton.