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From CASBO website:

Q.  What is an associate membership?

A . Associate memberships are
extended to companies that offer
products and services to school

Q.  How much does an associate
membership cost?
A. Associate membership fees are
described on the associate membership
application form. The base membership
fee includes one primary company
representative on the active
membership. If the company chooses to
have more than one representatives,
there are additional fees, as described
on the associate membership
application form.

Q.  What is the duration of an associate
A.  A full year from the date the
associate membership application is
submitted and enrollment processed.
Additional company representatives
beyond the one primary covered in the
base membership fee, will expire along
with the company's membership.

Q.  How can an associate member
advertise in CASBO publications?
A.  Get all of the details you need to
advertise in CASBO publications in our
Media Kit.

California Association of School Business Officials
CASBO NewsBreak

...The Federal issue updates provide up-to-the-minute information
on federal legislative and administrative activities impacting
California school business.

Legislative Alerts indicate an up-to-the-minute need for a call to
action, usually a letter or call to government leaders.

04/16/2008 State Controller Chiang steps up on behalf of schools:
Warns schools about recent marketing ploy/Calls for state to pay

04/14/2008 FEDERAL: Congress moves on Secure Rural Schools
funding/MAA moratorium

04/11/2008 Budget update: April tax collections looking grim

04/08/2008 Assembly and Senate Education Committees act on key

04/07/2008 Budget update: Local flexibility proposals held
despite bipartisan calls for action

03/24/2008 FEDERAL: MAA regulations remain hot issue

03/19/2008 New report examines state health care pool for school
03/17/2008 Governor’s Committee on Education Excellence releases
report - “The System is the Problem”
03/11/2008 More new bills/ Long list of new facilities bills, but 2008
school bond uncertain
03/10/2008 More new bills/ Child nutrition/charter school issues draw
legislative interest
03/03/2008 School finance reform high on Legislature’s agenda/
Long list of bills target funding reforms
02/28/2008 Sacramento Update: Budget hearings resume/ New bills
introduced, PI district proposal forwarded
02/20/2008 LAO says state budget deficit has grown to $16 billion/
Education proposals call for zero COLA and targeted categorical cuts
02/14/2008 Senate Budget Committee moves midyear budget
package/ Proposition 98 minimum lowered, but no cuts at local level
02/13/2008 FEDERAL: Congressional committee to hold hearing on
improving public school facilities
02/08/2008 Emerging Agreement on midyear reductions/ no local
midyear cuts to schools, but Prop 98 floor would drop
02/05/2008 FEDERAL: President Bush unveils FY 2009 budget/
Proposes level spending for education/Some programs targeted for
01/31/2008 Emergency session: Budget hearings continue/ Level of
midyear education cuts a key issue
01/24/2008 FEDERAL: Second session of the 110th Congress
01/15/2008 LAO releases preliminary overview of governor's budget  
01/14/2008 More budget detail
01/10/2008 Governor’s 2008-09 budget released/Minimal mid-year
cuts – but Prop 98 suspension/huge cuts proposed for 2008-09
01/08/2008 Governor delivers “state of state” address/ Across-the-
board cuts, no new taxes
01/03/2008 FEDERAL: MAA update: Administration defies
Congress/Adopts regulations in time to beat moratorium
12/20/2007 FEDERAL: Congress goes home: Rural schools funding
/QZAB extension fail passage
12/19/2007 FEDERAL: Federal budget logjam breaking/Promising
news on MAA
12/14/2007 FEDERAL: Funding for Secure Rural Schools Act
dropped from key bill - But Congress to try again before heading
12/12/2007 State budget shortfall grows - Education at higher risk
for mid-year cuts
12/12/2007 FEDERAL: 110th Congress in the home stretch - Key
education funding/issues remain unresolved
12/05/2007 Governor calls meeting with education leaders - PI
districts to be focus of 2008 reforms
11/29/2007 February ballot propositions: What do they mean for
11/14/2007 Legislative Analyst issues dire budget forecast
11/06/2007 State Budget Crisis: Governor calls for cuts to all state
agency budgets - CASBO responds with call to protect Proposition
10/25/2007 FEDERAL: MAA Update: Action needed NOW! Federal
Budget Update
10/18/2007 Governor completes actions on bills - Many vetoes… few
10/11/2007 Governor Acts on More Bills  
10/04/2007 Sacramento quiet - But deadlines loom for Legislature
and Governor
09/19/2007 FEDERAL: Feds take next step to eliminate school
Medicaid reimbursements - Schools weigh in as regulations posted
for public comment
09/17/2007 2007 Legislative Session Update: Few major policy
initiatives make it to governor’s desk
09/06/2007 Legislature taking final action on hundreds of bills - Little
new policy coming from this year’s session
08/24/2007 Governor signs budget, issues veto messages - Few
changes to education budget
08/21/2007 Legislature finally moves budget to governor - Education
budget virtually unchanged
08/15/2007 Budget Update:  July Revenues Down - Lower revenues
could further stall budget agreement
08/06/2007 FEDERAL: Renewed federal effort to eliminate school
MediCal reimbursements - MAA and transportation on the chopping
08/02/2007 Still no budget
07/25/2007 Senate Republicans show their hand
07/20/2007 Assembly passes budget with full K-12 COLA provided -
Few changes made to education budget
07/18/2007 Budget Deal Struck
07/18/2007 Budget impasse: Is K-12 COLA at risk?
07/11/2007 Policy Alert: Letter from California State Assembly
Speaker Fabian Nunez
06/29/2007 Budget conference committee acts, sends budget to Big
5 Education gets full COLA, but little more

06/25/2007 Mandate Reform: Proposal would provide alternative to
current process

06/15/2007 Still waiting on a State budget - State revenue downturn
stalls budget, hits Proposition 98

(Torlakson): School Meal Reimbursement Increase

05/23/2007 Budget Update: Subcommittees shift dollars to core
programs/reject most new programs
05/15/2007 Update On May Budget Revision

05/14/2007 Governor Releases May Budget Revision: Mostly Good
News for Education

05/10/2007 State Board Approves New Charter School Facilities

04/27/2007 Higher statutory COLA puts squeeze on state
budget/Proposition 98

Proposed Proposition 39 Regulation Changes

04/17/2007 Charter School Facilities Controversy:
CASBO Opposing Proposition 39 Regulation Changes

Get to Know CASBO

Who we are and what we do

Academic success in California’s K-14
schools is consistently found in the
best-administered and most financially
sound districts, county offices of
education and community colleges.
The California Association of
School Business Officials,
leader in school business, is dedicated
to promoting this excellence and
professionalism throughout the field of
school business management.

A private nonprofit California
corporation, CASBO is a statewide
professional organization serving more
than 4,000 members. Founded in
1928, it is the oldest statewide school
administrator’s organization in
California. CASBO provides its
individual, district and county office
members with the best in expert
professional development, influential
advocacy, vital information and crucial
networking opportunities. The
association acts as a forum for sharing
challenges, solutions, experiences and
information throughout the state.

CASBO members are the voice of the
industry and oversee all areas of
school business management and
operations, including finance,
accounting, payroll, human resources,
risk management, transportation,
school nutrition, maintenance and
operations, information technology,
purchasing, school safety and school
facilities. CASBO is the industry
resource for every financial and
operational facet of school business

Learn more about our governance
structure and become familiar with our

Strategic Plan
CASBO has a strong commitment to
strategic planning, which began more
than a decade ago with its first plan.
Understand our strategic planning
process and view the details of our
current strategic plan.

Code of Ethics
Review CASBO's code of ethics.
Members are expected to honor and
follow professional standards of
conduct in all areas of CASBO

Strategic Partners
CASBO enters into strategic
partnerships with associate members
when the partnership is determined to
provide a unique service and/or
benefit to members. The association’s
Committee on Strategic Partnerships
evaluates proposals and makes
recommendations to the Board of
Directors on when to enter into

PrudentPay Purchasing Card
Find out how CASBO and the
Association of California School
Administrators (ACSA) have partnered
with the PFM Group, Harris Bank and
MasterCard to provide your district,
county office of education or
community college district with the
definitive p-card, featuring critical
flexibility, unprecedented security and
cash rebates!

U.S. Communities Government
Purchasing Alliance Program
Find out how CASBO and the
California School Boards Association
(CSBA) have partnered with the U.S.
Communities Government Purchasing
Alliance to provide volume discounts
on selected products based on the
purchasing power of public agencies

Committee on Strategic Partnerships
View our Committee on Strategic

Policy for Strategic Partnerships
View CASBO's policy regarding
establishing strategic partners.

CASBO Past Presidents
CASBO’s rich history as a
association is no better
represented than by our
list of past presidents.
These individuals and
their colleagues
committed tremendous
time and energy to
creating a strong, student-
focused association of
school business officials:
one in which the
dedication to effective
school business practices
creates the foundation for
the delivery of education
to today’s more than six
million public education

Past President       
Year      Annual
Conference Site

Lora L. Duzyk  2006-07   
San Jose
Pearl Iizuka  2005-
06          San Diego  
Nick Ferguson  2004-05   
Susan Murai  2003-04   
Barbara Dean  2002-03   
San Diego
Michael Beever  2001-02   
Ronald M. Damschen  
2000-01   Santa Clara
Sarah Hart  1999-00   
Charlene Timilione  1998-
99   Anaheim
Mary Washburn Turcotte  
1997-98   Sacramento
Pat R. Gibbons  1996-97   
San Diego
David L. Hurlbut  1995-
96   Long Beach
Helen D. Kerrian  1994-
95   San Jose
Eugene W. Murray  1993-
94   Sacramento
Charles Hanson  1992-
93   Fresno
Marlene Brownell  1991-
92   San Diego
Benny E. Langley  1990-
91   Anaheim
Stanley A. Flandi  1989-
90   Monterey
Anthony R. Turcotte  
1988-89   Lake Tahoe
Lydia L. Lobdell  1987-
88   Fresno
Calvin A. Hall  1986-87   
San Diego
Howard A. Erickson  1985-
86   Anaheim
Carl E. Thompson  1984-
85   Monterey
Arthur O. Bachelor  1984-
85   Lake Tahoe
Peter A. Lippman  1983-
84   Fresno
George C. Palmer  1982-
83   San Diego
Herman L. Pede  1981-
82   Los Angeles
John C. Wolfe  1980-81   
San Francisco
Ira S. Carter  1979-80   
Lake Tahoe
Lewis E. Holtman  1978-
79   Fresno
James Graves  1977-78   
San Diego
Donald W. Luce  1975-
76   Los Angeles
Anthony V. Trovato  1974-
75   San Francisco
Richard B. Eaton  1973-
74   Lake Tahoe
Robert Fisher  1972-73   
San Diego
Robert L. Michell  1971-
72   San Francisco
Eldon E. Price  1970-71   
Los Angeles
H. Marshall Hansen  1969-
70   Sacramento
Robert G. Barnes  1968-
69   Anaheim
Albert J. Churchman  
1967-68   Fresno
Robert A. Webber  1966-
67   Coronado
Jack R. Sadler  1965-66   
San Francisco
James C. Roos  1964-65   
Los Angeles
Edgar C. Egly  1963-64   
Joseph F. Fogarty  1962-
63   Coronado
Ernest W. Carl  1961-62   
George C. McGinnis  
1960-61   Los Angeles
George H. Geyer  1959-
60   Fresno
Owen J. Cook  1958-59   
San Diego
Cifford R. Metz  1957-58   
Los Angeles
Myron A. Hesse  1956-
57   Coronado
J.C. Trombetta  1955-56   
San Francisco
Donald D. Cunliff  1954-
55   Coronado
Thomas H. McCandless  
1953-54   Santa Cruz
Rhodes Elder  1952-53   
Joseph P. McElligott  
1951-52   Coronado
Ralph C. Dailard  1950-
51   Hobergs
A.S. Nibecker Jr.  1949-
50   Coronado
Ralph J. Raitt  1948-49   
Santa Cruz
Tom K. Hounsley  1947-
48   Coronado
Harold Yost  1946-47   
Santa Cruz
Louis L. Cunningham  
1945-46   San Diego
Clyde S. Yerge  1944-45   
John D. Berger  1943-44   
M.P. Haviken  1942-43   
Al P. Mattier  1941-42   
Vaughn D. Seidel  1940-
41   El Monte
Walter Barber  1940-41    
Donald B. Rice  1939-40   
S.C. Joyner  1938-39   
John A. Ormond  1937-
38   Riverside
Arthur A. Knoll  1936-37   
San Francisco
John W. Edgemond  1935-
36   Fresno
John T. Cate  1934-35   
William H. Cox  1933-34   
L.L. Smith  1932-33   
George Yelland  1931-
32   Long Beach
David P. Hardy  1930-31   
W.E. Record  1929-30   
San Francisco
W.E. Whalen  1928-29   
Los Angeles
(Organizational)  1928   

Stutz Attorneys Attend
CASBO Conference

Stutz Artiano will again
participate as an
Exhibiting Sponsor at
the California
Association of School
Business Officials
(CASBO) Statewide
Annual Conference and
School Business Expo
April 6 through 9 at the
Anaheim Convention
Center.  This is the
premier event for school
board officials and
includes professional
development workshops
and over 175
companies exhibiting.
For those attending the
conference, please stop
by Stutz Artiano’s booth
#724.  For more details
on the conference see
April 27, 2011
CASBO Annual Conference
Becky Trebizo

East Valley SELPA
Phone: (909) 252-4508

Open Position
Assistant Chair

Jan Brannen
Immediate Past Chair
Grossmont Union High School District
Phone: (619) 644-8023

Harold M. Freiman
AMC rep
Lozano Smith
Phone: (925) 953-1620
San Diego
Education Report
Partner Daniel Shinoff
Presenter at CASBO

Partner Daniel Shinoff will
be a panel presenter at
the California Association
of School Business
Officials (CASBO) Annual
Conference at the
Anaheim Convention
Center Friday, April 8th
[2011] from 1:30 p.m. to 3:
45 p.m.  Daniel joins
Steve Sonnich,
Associate Administrator,
Human Resources,
Grossmont Union High
School District; Karla
Rhay, Chief Administrative
Officer; and Dr. Glenn
Lipson, forensic
Psychologist at Making
Right Choices to discuss
Sexual Misconduct;
Community School Based
Research and
Collaboratively Developed

Stutz Artiano’s attorneys
will also be at the firm’s
booth #724 during the
CASBO conference
exhibit hours, April 7th
and 8th, to meet
conference attendees and
provide educational