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In other action State Council:

* Elected Gilda Bloom as NEA Director (District 17, Higher Ed)

* Re-elected CTA Board members Don Dawson (District B), Cynthia Peña
(District G), and Bonnie Shatun (District I); Marc Sternberger, NEA
Coordinating Director; and
Peg Myers, NEA Alternate Director [see photo at

* Re-elected CTA ABC Committee Members Patrick Riggs (District A), Michael
Harrelson (District N), and E. Toby Boyd, Member-at-Large; and elected Greg
Bonaccorsi (District B), Mike Patterson (District D), Robert Lynch (District E),
and Rick McClure (District K).
Gail Mendes of United Teachers of Richmond has used a
time-honored method of obtaining personal power: cooperating with
abusive administrators like
Richard Werlin.  Where is Gail's support
coming from?  Perhaps from another CTA director who worked
closely with the abusive Mr. Werlin:
Jim Groth and his loyal friend,
[former] chief CTA counsel
Beverly Tucker.]
[Maura Larkins comment: normally this wouldn't be news, since CTA
officers tend to be automatically reelected.
However, in 2009 there
was an unexpected deviation in the pattern of automatic promotion of
the top three executive officers to the "elected" position one step
above. Secretary treasurer Daniel Vaughn was ousted by Gail
Mendes in March 2009, and many
members wanted to contest
Mendes' transition to vice-president in 2011 (blog post).  Many were
sorry they voted for Mendes because they had intended their votes
as a token of protest, and never expected Daniel Vaughn to lose.  
2011 CTA election  From CTA website:
Mendes voted CTA secretary-treasurer

CTA's State Council of Education elected San Pablo elementary teacher Gail
Mendes as secretary-treasurer. Mendes, who is past president of United
Teachers of Richmond, [taught] fourth grade at Bayview Elementary School.
A veteran educator for more than 30 years, Mendes has also taught
preschool, special education and adult education... Mendes will assume
office on June 26.