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At the California Medical Association, we are dedicated to serving
our member physicians
through a comprehensive program of legislative, legal,
regulatory, economic, and social advocacy.

We know that in today’s economic climate, physicians are being assailed from many
directions. Our goal is to provide our members with the necessary support, so that
they can surpass the challenges and continue to run successful medical practices.

Managed by the professional staff in the CMA Centers of Excellence, our success is
measured in our ability to influence legislators, policymakers and the media on behalf
of our physician members. A snapshot of our member advocacy and service
programs, and the staff that oversee them, is provided below.

Dustin Corcoran
Chief Executive Officer
(916) 551-2020

CMA's Centers for Government Relations, Federal Government Relations and
Political Operations are overseen by CMA's
Senior Vice President, Janus

Staff Contact:
Janus Norman
Senior Vice President
(916) 551-2871

Center for Government Relations

The Center for Government Relations is the physician’s voice at the State Capitol.
Center staff works with legislators to educate them on how legislation could enhance
or threaten patients’ health or a physicians’ ability to practice medicine. Each year
the Center monitors over 500 bills, and takes an active, public position on over 200
bills. The Center’s activities include reading and tracking bills and amendments,
shaping bill language, meeting with legislators, testifying in committee, conducting
research, and preparing policy papers and position letters.

Center for Political Operations

The Center for Political Operations is responsible for strategic utilization of CMA’s
political resources to support candidates for office and initiatives that maintain a
physician’s role in health care. This Center also strives to connect individual
physicians with legislators to support the activities of staff in the Center for
Government Relations through grassroots organization.
Center for Federal Government Relations

CMA is on the front lines, directly advocating the perspective of California’s practicing
physicians before Congress and federal regulatory agencies. CMA is one of the
largest state medical associations in the country, and our federal representatives are
in key congressional leadership positions. This puts CMA in a unique position to
effectively shape federal legislation that impacts physicians and their patients.

Elizabeth McNeil
Staff Contact:
Elizabeth McNeil
Vice President
(415) 882-3376
CMA's Centers for Legal Affairs, Economic Services and Medical and Regulatory
Policy are overseen by CMA's General Counsel and Vice President, Francisco Silva.

Center for Legal Affairs

CMA’s Center for Legal Affairs defends the rights of physicians in the courts by filing
lawsuits on behalf of physician members and weighing in as amicus curiae, or “friend
of the court,” to influence health policy. The Center also helps CMA members comply
with laws and regulations that impact the practice of medicine, through legal
information and publications, as well as educational webinars and presentations. The
Center also maintains CMA’s online health law library.

Center for Economic Services

CMA’s Center for Economic Services provides one-on-one assistance to physician
members and their staff on reimbursement and practice operations issues. The
center is staffed by practice management experts with a combined experience of over
125 years in medical practice operations. Assistance ranges from coaching and
education, to direct intervention with payors or regulators.
Center for Medical and Regulatory Policy

CMA’s Center for Medical and Regulatory Policy provides research and analysis on a
broad range of health policy issues that affect physicians and patient care. The
center helps to improve physician impact on the development of health policy by
identifying opportunities and advocating for the appointment of physician members to
external policy, advisory and oversight committees and boards. The Center also
advocates for physicians and their patients in the California regulatory process, by
tracking, reviewing and educating regulators on behalf of physicians. This includes
writing comments, requesting public hearings and organizing testimony.

Staff Contact:
Francisco J. Silva
General Counsel and
Vice President
(916) 551-2888

Center for Membership and Communications

CMA exists to serve its thousands of members, providing one-on-one services and
resources, while educating nonmember California physicians about the value of a
CMA membership. Communication to current and potential members, as well as
external affairs (communicating with media and the broader public), is critical to
displaying CMA’s purpose and results, and achieving its goals.

Staff Contact:
Paul Hegyi
Vice President
(916) 551-2571
Center for Executive Management

CMA’s Center for Executive Management works to ensure that the professional staff
and resources of CMA are aligned with the mission, vision and strategic goals of the
association. The Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) Defense Team
and special projects also fall under the Center for Executive Management.

Staff Contact:
Jay Hansen
Chief Strategy Officer
(916) 551-2555
Center for Component Relations

The Center for Component Relations works in partnership with the 39 county medical
societies to provide support, services and programs to meet physician needs,
including direct member assistance, educational opportunities and CME, group
buying discounts, and more. The Vice President of Component Relations and
Marketing also serves as the Executive Director of CMA’s subsidiary, Component
Medical Society Services.

Staff Contact:
Mike Steenburgh
Vice President
(916) 551-2042
Center for Governance

The Center for Governance coordinates staff support of the Association’s physician
governance, including the House of Delegates and Board of Trustees. The Center
also encourages leadership development through the California Health Care
Leadership Academy, an annual event focusing on leading-edge health policy
developments, practice management and leadership skills training.

Staff Contact:
Roger Purdy
Vice President
(916) 551-2067
Center for Finance and Administration

The Center for Finance and Administration is comprised of several departments
including Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities
and Meetings and Membership Dues Accounting. Each of the departments in the
Center provides daily support to CMA elected leadership, county medical societies
and professional staff.
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