Kaiser runs California Colorectal Cancer Coalition
Kaiser wants government to pay for screenings

Daniel “Stony” Anderson, M.D.
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
C4 [
California Colorectal Cancer Coalition]
Board President

Dr. Anderson opened the conference with the
call to action of increasing screening rates
10 percent, which would be 1 million more
Californians over age 50.

His other key points:
Colorectal cancer is a preventable, treatable and beatable disease,
but only with proper screening.
Screening for colorectal cancer is the most cost-effective cancer
screening program, more so than breast cancer or prostate cancer.
“Increasing screening rates just 10 percent in California
would prevent approximately 8,000 deaths of our friends,
family, neighbors and loved ones.”
The goal of the conference was to educate the group about:
Ways to screen for colon cancer
Disparities in screening based on where Californians live, their culture
and their income
The barriers to screening
How to work with our state government to help reduce deaths from
colorectal cancer

UC Davis Cancer Center Sacramento, California September 27, 2008
Colorectal Cancer Community Forum — Fostering Advocacy

How Can Legislators and Legislation
Help Fight Colorectal Cancer?

Susan McKee, District Director for Senator
Darrell Steinberg, (D-Sacramento),
incoming president pro tempore of the
California State Senate
Ms. McKee, a recent colon-cancer survivor,
spoke on behalf of Senator Steinberg,
who was unavailable due to tight legislative deadlines
brought on by state budget delays

. She opened with a reality check about the current economic crisis.
“The horrible economic situation that we’re facing right now has
put a terrible strain on federal and state budgets,” said Ms. McKee.
“And our intention to cover everyone who deserves to be covered is
probably not going to happen in the next year or two.
“But we can work with legislators to help educate and influence
their constituents. Mostly it’s a matter of getting in there and talking
to folks about something they probably hadn’t realized. Intelligent
lobbying is crucial.”
A case in point is Ms. McKee’s own story. She thought screening for
colorectal cancer was supposed to be done at age 55, not 50. Despite
having regular medical care, she was screened five years late. By
that time, cancer had taken hold, and she suffered through surgeries,
radiation and chemotherapy.
“Intelligent lobbying is crucial.”
Two easy things Ms. McKee recommended asking for from the
Public Service Announcements (PSA) – all legislators do these, and all
have access to studio facilities to record PSAs
Articles about colorectal cancer – legislators use these at community
forums and events in their districts
Ms. McKee pointed out that lobby days are particularly important in light
of term limits. “The people you’ll talk to next spring will be brand new.
They have no institutional memory about what’s gone on in the past.

Message from the President:
Welcome to the C4 web site and thank you for taking the time to review this site. The
California Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C4) is a nonprofit organization made up of a
diverse group of dedicated individuals from throughout California whose mission is to
save lives and reduce suffering from colorectal cancer in all Californians.
Colorectal cancer is a common and deadly disease. Colorectal cancer is the fourth
most common cancer and the second most common cause of cancer deaths in
California. Both the numbers of colorectal cancers and the deaths from colorectal
cancer are reduced by screening for colorectal cancer in men and women over 50.
Unfortunately, the majority of Californians over age 50 have not been screened for
colorectal cancer. Californians are suffering and dying from this disease because
they are not getting screened.
We need your help in making sure that all Californians who need screening are
screened for colorectal cancer. You can help by using this web site to learn about
colorectal cancer. If you are over 50 or in a high risk group, you can review the tests
and procedures that screen for colorectal cancer, and discuss the one that would be
best for you with your doctor.
You can support our efforts in any way you choose as outlined in the advocacy
section. Use this site to encourage your loved ones who need screening to get
screened. If you are a health care provider this site has links to information you can
share with your patients to be sure they get screened. We encourage you to work
with our coalition in any way you desire as listed under Donate and Advocacy. Help
us in making sure that all Californians over 50 are screened for colorectal cancer.  
Screening, that could save their life.
Daniel “Stony” Anderson MD FACP
President California Colorectal Cancer Coalition
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