Test Your News Awareness

Who said the following?

1.  "Grand juries, it's all one-sided.  It is all what he
presents to the grand jury, how he spins, how he
presents it.  Everybody says you can indict a ham
sandwich with a grand jury.  This is a ham sandwich without the ham.
a.  Bill Clinton
b.  Tom DeLay
c.  San Diego City Councilman Michael Zucchet

2.  "It's a problem that's faced by police forces in every major city in
our country, that criminals infiltrate and sign up to join the police
a.  Arnold Schwarzenegger
b.  New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin
c.  Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

3.  "To reduce crime, you could--if that were your sole purpose--you
could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate
would go down."
a.  "Family values" advocate Bill Bennett
b.  Karen Pearl, Interim President Planned Parenthood
c.  David Duke (former) Grand Wizard Ku Klux Kla

(Answers below)

Answers to quiz:
1. b   2. c  3. a
The answer to "Quote of the day" on the
Home page is "b," Babette Pepaj, 32,
documentary film producer.
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