School officials seems to take pleasure in the humiliation of both parents and school employees.  

Examples are the
David Alberts case, the Lindsey Stewart case, the MiraCosta College case and the Claudia
Houston case (below).

Claudia Houston is one of many parents who did not appreciate being called by the school district to a
school meeting, only to have police called to arrest them for causing a "disturbance."  Houston lost her
home due to the arrest and payment of attorney's fees.

Houston  was never charged with any crime pursuant to her arrest.
Yet Ms. Houston was unable to obtain justice.   

Houston sued Thomas Gill and Daniel Shinoff for tortious interference (see public
documents below).  
Daniel Shinoff
Related Case
MiraCosta College

Daniel Shinoff ordered
top administrator Julie
Hatoff at MiraCosta
College  to be escorted by
police off campus, which
made the faculty very
angry.  Hatoff later won a
large settlement from the
college.  Julie Hatoff was
apparently perceived as a
rival by President Victoria
Richart.  Richart was
asked to leave after
spending $1.5 million on
an investigation led by
Dan Shinoff that turned
up the theft of $305
worth of water for palm
trees.  Richart stuck her
fists deep into taxpayer
pockets in an effort to
increase her power.  
Shinoff negotiated a
separation agreement
that transferred another
$1.5 million taxpayer
dollars to Richart.  
this agreement
was declared illegal
Claudia Houston
wins against
Daniel Shinoff in
the  Ninth Circuit
Federal Court of
On January 29, 2008 the
Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeal for the United
States said that Claudia
Houston should have
been allowed to prove
that she had exhausted
administrative remedies.  
She had provided the
proof to her lawyer,
Thomas Gill, but he had
not filed it with the court.

The court did not rule on
whether Encinitas Union
School District was
wrong to throw Claudia
Houston in jail for a week
because she "disturbed"
the school.  In my own
experience, I have known
school officials to invent
false accusations out of
whole cloth to exert raw
power.  They don't seem
to care at all that having
a parent arrested may
harm children.  To make
matters worse, Claudia
Houston was the sole
surviving parent of two
youngsters.  But when
schools wants parents to
stop making demands,
throwing them in jail
usually works.  

It wasn't enough to stop
Ms. Houston.

HERE to read the
opinion in case number
D.C. No.
School officials abused Claudia Houston and other parents and employees
Claudia Houston v. Daniel Shinoff, Thomas Gill, et al
Documents in Claudia Houston case:
was held at the belated
training of OAH judges on
MARCH 10, 2008 at the
University of San Diego

The Office of
Administrative Hearing
Judges attended training
courses at University of
San Diego campus for the
entire week of March 10th
though March 14, 2008.

Parents of Children With
Demonstrated Against the
California Department of
Education Contract With
The Office of
Administrative Hearing
Judges “OAH”.   

Lack of oversight and
fairness, decisions are
biased and
disproportionably skewed
in favor of the school
districts. School districts
with their high paid
attorneys win over 90%
of the administrative
hearing cases with the
new OAH”s officers
against parents with
student with disabilities.  
With the former California
Department of Education
contract with the Special
Education hearing
officers “SEHO” at Mc
George School of Law,
parents won 50% percent
of the time.  

Lack of legislative
oversight and
transparency has been
lacking with gaps in OAH’
s reports regarding their

Lacks of training as
required by federal law,
OAH judges do not have
any formal training in
special education law and
handle mostly other
unrelated cases.

OAH switched to a more
expensive mediation
system whereby
mediators are regular or
pro term judges.  Under
the new contract parents
must be attorneys or hire
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Previously, under SEHO,
administrators were
trained professionals, in
many cases educators who
were committed to the
special education mediation
Parents are requesting
legislative intervention
and an audit by The
California State Senate.
Without the Senate
intervention thousand of
special education
students will be displaced
and their parents will
continue to incur
astronomical costs with
very little chance of
NCCSE Director Joe Schwartzberg

See paragraph 6 (in pleading below)

paragraph 18, line 27

"Mr. Shinoff's client, NCCSE Director Schwartzberg, was well aware of the fraud.  He had
funded the lawyers who appeared in the due process hearings that Mr. Shinoff denied ever
occurred.  And he monitored our litigation against EUSD.

"Thus, Mr. Gill and Mr. Shinoff and NCCSE knowingly withheld documents from the court
in USDC 00/CV/2475 IEG that would have resolved the exhaustion issue
5 years ago."

paragraph 20
Class action lawsuit regarding OAH
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