May 2013
The Higgs Boson:
Why You Should
Care About the God
Particle. And, Sadly,
Why You Don't

Ainissa Ramirez, a Yale University materials scientist, likes to call herself a
science evangelist, and her passion and expertise at science education is
unparalleled. So this week, with the announcement about the discovery of
the Higgs Boson, was both exciting–because of an amazing opportunity–
and frustrating–because she thought the science world largely blew it.
Homework overload gets an 'F' from experts
By Corey Binns

It seems the smoke has barely cleared from those Fourth of July
celebrations, but in many parts of the U.S., parents are trying to light fires
under their kids in an effort to get them studying for the new school year.

Unfortunately, new research shows the amount of time kids clock in out of
school may not pay off.

Kids who do more homework actually perform worse on standardized tests,
according to research by Sydney University educational psychologist
Richard Walker, author of the forthcoming book, Reforming Homework:
Practices, Learning and Policies.

Homework only boosts student scores in the final three years of high school,
says Walker, and only these older high school students should be doing a
couple of hours of homework a night. Younger students only benefit from
small assignments, if they’re getting help at home.

But that's not the end of the homework hurdles.

High-achieving students who are swamped with homework can suffer from
poor mental and physical health,says Stanford University professor Denise

In fact, findings consistently show that homework has very limited value in the
elementary grades...
May 31, 2013
Dennis M. Doyle turns up as CEO of the
secretive charity CoTA
Collaboration of Teachers and Artists in San Diego
Former Superintendent who resigned suddenly from
National School District in the middle of the school year in
May 31, 2013
Tea party groups mobilizing
against Common Core
education overhaul
Why does the Tea Party dislike the
bipartisan Common Core standards?
Common Core is a wonderful plan, focusing
on understanding rather than memorization.
It's not so surprising, however, that the
teachers union is against something new.
May 09, 2013
Goal of common core math standards: teach less, but teach it in
greater depth
Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz v. Maura Larkins:
missing exhibits are replaced in court file
San Diego Education
Report Blog
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Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz v. Maura
Larkins defamation



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Larkins OAH Hearing
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April 24, 2013
How do you know when a professional is
incompetent?  Hint: don't judge by how popular
he/she is!
The Chargers' Doctor Is A Drunk Quack. Why Haven't They Fired Him?
Barry Petchesky
June 2013

Stutz law firm apparently requested a
writeup in
San Diego Attorney Journal, which
solicits lawyers and law firms to apply for
feature articles.  
This magazine should not be confused with
San Diego Lawyer Magazine, produced by
the Bar Association.

Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz, APC’s
Collective Strengths Have Created a Portrait of Client Confidence
Oddly, founding partner Dan Shinoff's photo does not appear in the
magazine, although every other worker except the cleaning crew is

Also somewhat strange is the fact that founding partner Robert Gallagher
is never mentioned once in the article.  It would seem that Gallagher
became less enthusiastic about his own firm over the years.  He decided
to leave in 2004.

Two newsworthy Stutz cases have been left out of the article:

1. Stutz has been involved in the civil (
and criminal !!!) cases involving
San Ysidro School District and its former Superintendent Manuel Paul,
who recently seemed to be involved in the
shredding and burning of a
large number of documents.

2. The Stutz v. Larkins defamation lawsuit against this website, which was
discussed in a recent
San Diego Reader article, as well as Voice of San
Diego and Metropolitan News-Enterprise articles.
August 2013
Aug. 2013
July 2013
FBI investigates burning of
documents from San
Ysidro School District
Gil Abed of Stutz Artiano Shinoff &
Holtz had no comment about his
clients' actions.  See next story for
more on Stutz law firm.
Aug. 2013
The $4 Million Teacher

...The South Korean education
market is so profitable that it
attracts investments from
firms like Goldman Sachs,
the Carlyle Group and A.I.G.

It was thrilling to meet Mr. Kima teacher who earns the kind of
money that professional athletes make in the U.S.

An American with his ambition and abilities might have to
become a banker or a lawyer, but in South Korea, he had become
a teacher, and he was rich anyway...
Evaluating teachers and doctors
The system isn't working in either case.  

The problem begins--and usually ends--at the local workplace.  
Office politics and group culture allows incompetent teachers and
doctors to rely on their pals for protection.  And it allows highly
competent teachers and doctors to be targeted by those who play

From SDER Blog:

"Hospitals' peer review committees — the internal panels of medical staff
that oversee and review complaints against clinical personnel — often do a
poor job.

"'Much of the bottleneck in the physician discipline system is in the peer
review committees,' says Philip Levitt, a retired Florida neurosurgeon who
served as chief of the medical staff at two hospitals. 'Virtually everything of
serious consequence gets balled up or blocked in the peer review process.'

T"he peer review system is rife with bias, Levitt says, noting that doctors on
the committees often are inclined to protect their colleagues — or go after
those who cross or compete with them. That dynamic invites lawsuits from
doctors who say they've been treated unfairly, so hospitals generally are
wary of suspending even those doctors who commit egregious misconduct,
Levitt adds. Instead, they tend to look for a deal to persuade the doctor to
leave quietly with no misconduct finding."--USA Today
School board member votes to renew
contract for law firm--then is hired by
the law firm 12 days later

Carlsbad Unified’s Kelli Moors went to work for a district
law firm,
Fagen Friedman Fulfrost
Sept. 2013
Teen Testifies Ex-Teacher Molested Him After School
at Chula Vista Elementary School District [Kinloch
post #5]

See all posts regarding CVESD teacher John Kinloch.
See also "California Teachers Association protects child molesting

UPDATE SEPT. 7, 2013:

It would be nice if Chula Vista Elementary School
District were as
forthcoming with documents as it
wants other agencies to be. For example, it would
be appropriate for CVESD to provide the police
with documentation of any suspensions it may
have imposed, or investigations it may have
conducted, on Mr. Kinlock in previous years.
The second story below states, "It wasn't until
he was in 7th grade that the alleged victim
spoke out." That was five years ago. So why did CVESD keep Kinloch in
the classroom for several more years, until the police stepped in and
arrested him?  
Richard Werlin was in charge of personnel from
1997-2006, during which time he worked closely with
CVE officials Jim
Groth and Gina Boyd..
University of San Diego (USD) law professor Shaun Martin represented
Maura Larkins in the Court of Appeal.  He is the author of the blog
California Appellate Report.  Stutz attorney Daniel Shinoff is the
favorite attorney of
San Diego County Office of Education.
NEWS---August 5, 2011
California Court of Appeal overturns Stutz
Artiano Shinoff & Holtz injunction against this
Story in Voice of San Diego
Blog posts about this case
CTA indemnifies Jurupa School District--promising to
pay the district if a teacher sues!
Sept. 27, 2013
Sept. 2013
Stutz v. Larkins update:
I'm appealing the default Judge
Judith Hayes granted to Stutz
in defamation case
The judge refused to allow jury trial

See all posts regarding Stutz v. Larkins
defamation lawsuit.

This defamation case, filed against me by
Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz on October 5,
2007, is still clawing its way through the
justice system.
Four years ago San Diego
Superior Court Judge Judith Hayes
out my opposition and all my evidence and granted Stutz Artiano
Shinoff & Holtz' a win in its defamation case against me...

I repeatedly asked for the jury trial that I am entitled to regarding
damages for defamation. But Stutz law firm and its supporter Judge
Hayes didn't want me to have the opportunity to explain to a jury the
evidence I have proving the truth of the statements Stutz has
complained about.

The funny thing is that there never was any finding of fact
regarding defamation...
So why wasn't Stutz law firm jumping up and
down for joy?
September 2013
Carlsbad Unifed cancels FFF contract

Is it time for the school attorneys at Fagen
Friedman Fulfrost to change the name of their
firm again?

What did Fagen Friedman Fulfrost law firm do
to cause the Carlsbad Unified school board to
cancel its contract? The explanation can be

The question now becomes, who will end up doing the $100,000 worth
of legal work that was going to go to FFF, and will the new firm behave
any differently than FFF?...
Howard Fulfrost
Judge Judith Hayes
Update on school lawyers suing me
Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz
v. Maura Larkins defamation
lawsuit post #108
(This case will be six years old next week, with no jury trial and no end in
sight.  Judge Judith Hayes seems to have made a mess of it.)

I liked the article published in the San Diego Reader about my case. The
one error can pretty much be blamed on Stutz law firm and Judge Judith
Hayes, who each claimed that I published the comment, “…Shinoff makes
Vito Corleone look like an altar boy. Shinoff has destroyed the lives of
many individuals and families; only God knows what his body count is.”

I did not write the comment. It's not my style. I'm not quite as dramatic as
the anonymous person who posted it. After all the trouble that Dan Shinoff
has caused me, Vito Corleone still looks bad to me. But I've got to admit
that the commenter has mastered the art of hyperbole...