Kaiser produced 13 VUCG images prepared by Lynnette


36/72   9:53:53
This is same as
#2—Why two
copies of the
same X-ray?

34/72    9:53:45  
This is same as
#1—with added
"SCOUT" label.
Why two copies
of the same X-
ray?  Images
must have been
picked from TWO
different sets
that were
printed out!


NEW image!!!!  
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#9        31/47  

#10        28/56    
AND #13
Thank Heaven for
Insurance Companies
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Kaiser Permanente Urology Department X-ray Hoax

San Diego Kaiser CFO Lynette Seid provided patient with a set of 7
X-rays that were re-labeled and re-scanned to create the illusion of a set
of 13 X-rays.


To justify a fake report (see below).

Chief Medical Executive Dr. Paul Bernstein also r
efused to have the
urology department upload the digital video of patient's VUCG.  
X-ray video remains in the computer at Garfield Specialty Center in San
Diego--unless it has been destroyed.

What is on the X-ray video that Kaiser wants to conceal?
Problems at Garfield Center
in Kearny Mesa
Filing a complaint
Part 1 of this bizarre story can be
found here.

In 2012 UCLA asked Kaiser
Permanente  to send them Maura
Larkins' VUCG images.  

What did UCLA get?  

13 images, all but two of which
turned out to be copies of
other images in the set.

Kaiser provided some images with
label changed, apparently to
make the new doctors getting
more images than she was actually
getting, but
in the case of #2 and
#3, didn't even bother to add a
(such as "scout" or

There are even three different
copies of one image!  
#10, #11,
and #13 are identical except that a
label of "POST-VOID" has been
added to #13.

Someone at Kaiser Permanente
seems to have
tried to pull the
wool over the eyes of UCLA.  
That person carefully choose
13 images, cherry-picked from
at least three different
printouts, to make other
doctors  think there was
nothing at all amiss with my

Well, who am I kidding?  Kaiser
didn't really think the doctors
at UCLA were that dim-witted.  
Kaiser apparently knew it could
trust UCLA to support the hoax.
It was only the patient that
Kaiser was trying to fool.

I know the images came from three
different printouts because images
numbered #10, #11 and #13
precisely the same image,
marked with the exact same
time (10:08:36 June 15, 2011).
One of them has the label
"post-void" added to it.

Obviously Kaiser's story that
these images were not
originally digitized is false,
because you can't change the
ordinal number label or the
"scout", "voiding" or
"post-void" label on a thermal
paper image.

Images numbered #1 and #4 are
also identical, except only #4 has
the "scout" label.  Images #2 and
#3 are identical; #9 is the same as
#7, except "voiding" label has
been added; and #12 is the same
as #8, except "voiding" label has
been added.  

Who is responsible for this?  April
L. Moon is the
Service Area
Assistant Administrator
charge of the Urology Department,
but I suspect that Director of
Service Dr. Andrew Golden
caused her to approve this odd

This exact same set of images was
sent to Dr. Marianne Rochester at
Scripps Mercy in August 2011, but
I decided not to follow through with
my Scripps appointment since I got
the impression that they wanted to
protect Kaiser.  Scripps actually
has a contract with Kaiser; Kaiser
sent the hoax set by courier to  Dr.
Dr. Andrew Golden and April
L. Moon at
Kaiser Urology
#11        28/56  
SAME AS #10 AND #13
Images must have been
picked from THREE
different sets that were
printed out!

#12        29/50        

SAME AS #10 AND #11
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Update October 2012:

It turns out that UCLA
didn't want to pressure
Kaiser to turn over
radiology images
.  They told
me I "need to forget about

In fact,
UCLA was so worried
that I'd reveal what Kaiser
was hiding that UCLA also
refused to turn over my 2012
X-rays taken at UCLA!

UCLA prevents improvement in
Kaiser's practices when it
protects the doctors and
administrators who illegally
conceal medical records to
cover-up bad care.
Lynette Seid, CFO and
chief administrator for
medical records
I asked for my VUCG results to take to an
out-of-plan doctor, and in response,
Seid created this set of X-ray images.

It pretends to be a set of 13 images,
but it actually consists of only 7
distinct images.

Four of the images appear twice,
labeled with different numbers,
but with the exact same time stamp:
#1 is identical to #4;
#2 is identical to #3,
#7 is identical to #9, and  
#8 is identical #12.
One image appears three times!
(#10, #11 and #13 are identical).  

Some of the copies have labels added (“scout,” “voiding,” and “post-void”), but
the time stamped on each image identifies it precisely.
Image #6 is of particular interest; it is the one new image that Kaiser was willing to
produce for an out-of-plan doctor.

Very clever trick, Lynette!
News, information and ideas about our
education system, courts and health care
by Maura Larkins
letter from "patient advocate"
Two very odd--and oddly different--printed reports
Perhaps a clue as to why I was not given the CD of the VUCG can be found by looking
at the following written report(s):
VUCG report #2:
Another version of the report above; this one reveals a different referring doctor and an
amazing feat of time travel by Kaiser's Dr. Khaw: he co-signed a report three days before it
was written!
VCUG report #1--wrong doctor and wrong date:
Page 2  Dr. Huathin Khaw co-signed the report three days before it was written by Dr. Grimaldi.  Later I found out
that the true report had been written by a completely different doctor and filed on June 16, 2011.
Page 1 of 2
I was surprised that Kaiser actually put in writing its claim that a series of x-rays taken on June
15, 2011 was not saved on anything other than
thermal paper.

See the full story with documentation here.  Kaiser gave me two reports of my x-ray exam.  Both of the
reports show an incorrect date for the procedure.  Each report shows a different authorizing doctor.  
And the report was co-signed by Dr. K three days
before it was written by Dr. G!  Time travel?
Can you spot Kaiser Permanente's false statement?
Which is Kaiser Permanente guilty of?  False advertising in statement "a" or concealing X-rays and falsifying
medical reports in statement "b"?   

Statement "a" is true.       All X-rays and imaging tests at Garfield Specialty Center are digital.  
                                    (But Kaiser might decide to keep those images out of your medical records.)

Statement "b" is
completely false.                 
b) "...The urethracystogram could not be downloaded to a CD due to it was not digitized.  Urethra
cystogram was
not saved electronically and we can provide medical record on thermal paper."
a) "All our X-rays and imaging tests are digital and become part of your electronic health record..."
My primary care doctor, Dr. Jae Kyo Lee, said that I was "paranoid" to think there were any
missing X-rays, or that my reports had been tampered with.
UPDATE:  Dr. Lee's effort to defend fellow doctors by undermining his patient seems
to have been required by his contract.  However, Kaiser tacitly admitted that my
complaint was justified: between July 12 and September 19, 2011, Kaiser eliminated
the reports below from my records, and produced more X-rays.  My doctor refuses to
discuss the issue with me.  I guess he just can't admit he was wrong.  
Here is the document with the false statement "b."
This document flatly contradicts the newsletter above.

"Per our records I understand that you spoke with D. R. in the
X-ray Department on July 11, 2011 where it was explained that the
urethra cystogram could not be downloaded to a CD due to
it was
not digitized.  
Urethra cystogram was not saved electronically and
we can provide medical record on
thermal paper.  

(See paragraph 3 below.)
"All our X-rays and imaging tests are
digital and become part of your electronic
health record..."

Did Dr. Jay Grimaldi, who is not a urologist, write
this report based only, as Kaiser claims, on the
five "thermal paper" images below or did he see
the complete set of digitized images?  
Or was this report written by someone else?  
Update: It was written by someone else--Dr.
Needel, who perhaps did not want his name
attached to a false report.
Here is the document with statement "a":
Kaiser refused to release digital X-ray videos, and created three
different hoaxes, each time claiming that the new set of X-ray
images contained all the images created during the June 15, 2011
VUCG procedure.  
Click HERE to see the third and final hoax;  it is
Lynette Seid's (CFO and Head of Medical Records) masterpiece.
Lynette Seid CFO