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Leon Page said on: April 25,
--- On Fri, 4/23/10, wrote:

Cc: "Lawson Chadwick" , "Logan
Jenkins" , "Paul Sisson" , "Michael
Date: Friday, April 23, 2010, 3:24 PM

Ms. Anderson,

In what way(s) am I misinformed?
Seems to me, I did little more than
pose to you four simple questions. I
find it absolutely astonishing (but
also quite revealing) that you cannot
even bring yourself to say,

• "I did not take the 23 Percocet, 6
hydrocodone, and 3 Tylenol with
Codeine from Scripps Encinitas for
my personal use," or

• "I am not addicted to Percocet,
hydrocodone, or Tylenol with
Codeine," or

• "As a registered nurse, I do not
agree that my recent behavior is
consistent with the behavior of a
person addicted to pain-killing
narcotics such as Percocet,
hydrocodone, and Tylenol with

Help me out here. In light of your
non-denials, what am I supposed to

Look, I have no ill will, here. I don't
even know you personally. I just
have high standards and high
expectations for folks who hold
positions of public trust. Seems to
me, you can hunker down and
prepare for your hearing and not
answer questions, or you can be a
proper public official able to account
for and explain your own conduct.
But you can't reasonably expect to
do both.

So how am I misinformed?


-----Original Message-----

Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 13:05:34

Mr. Page, You are misinformed.


>Ms. Anderson,

It is my understanding that, in the
Monday closed session that led to
Larry Anderson's since-aborted
ouster, you left after only a few
minutes, and contributed nothing to
the discussion. By leaving the
meeting, you seemed to be either
unwilling or unable to perform your
duties as an elected member of the
District's Board of Directors on a
matter of extreme public
importance. I note that you were
also absent from Wednesday's
Board meeting, and have also
failed/refused to return telephone
calls from local journalists.

As we both know, the pain killers
that you have been accused of
mishandling - 23 Percocet, six
hydrocone, and three Tylenol with
Codeine tablets - are all narcotics
that are extremely habit-forming.

That leads me to ask you the
following questions:> > 1. As a
registered nurse, would you agree
that your recent behavior, i.e., your
inability to (1) attend Board
meetings, (2) perform your duties
and (3) explain your actions, is
altogether consistent with the
behavior of a person addicted to
pain-killing narcotics such as
Percocet, hydrocodone, and Tylenol
with Codeine?> > 2. Are you, in fact,
addicted to the narcotics that you
are accused of having mishandled?
> > 3. Did you take the 23 Percocet,
6 hydrocodone, and 3 Tylenol with
Codeine from Scripps Encinitas for
your personal use?> > 4. If you do
have a dependence on Percocet,
hydrocodone, and Tylenol with
Codeine, would you agree that it
would be best, in all respects, and
for all concerned, if you resigned
from the Tri-City Board and promptly
sought medical treatment?> > LP>
> > Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T> >
-----Original Message-----> From: >
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 6:54:38 > To:
> Subject: Re: CHARLENE MARY
Search> Results:461728> > I will
not be put on trial here.> My vote
was not affected by anything.> I am
not being tried a a board meeting.>

wrote: > > Ms. Anderson,> > > >
Your feeble response is entirely
unpersuasive. If you truly wish to
talk, then talk, explain yourself, tell
us what happened with the
painkillers, and let the chips fall
where they may. You control your
actions, not your lawyer. If you have
committed no wrongdoing, if you
have not engaged in malpractice or
otherwise violated the conditions of
your license, then the truth cannot
possibly place you in jeopardy. On
the other hand, if you have
committed wrongdoing, then why
not simply admit to the misconduct,
resign from the Tri-City Board of
Directors (if you haven't yet done so)
and take responsibility for your
mistakes? You'll be a better person
for it.> > > > In any event, what I want
to know is whether the amended
accusation, or the allegations
contained therein, have in any way
affected your votes as a member of
the Board of Directors of the Tri-City
Hospital District. Were you
pressured in any way, by any
person, to vote in any particular way,
because of the filing of the
amended accusation or because of
the various allegations contained
therein? Seems to me, you can at
least answer that question without
underming any defense your lawyer
might wish to present at the May 27
hearing.> > > > LP

-----Original Message-----> > From:
> > Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:02:52
> > To: > > Subject: Re: CHARLENE
46128 DCA Search Results:> >
461728> > > > Leon, I wish I could
talk about this and give my side of
the story but my attorney says no at
this point. In the meantime I am
holding my head high and waiting it
out. Jst FYI> > ---- wrote:
> > > Lawson,> > > > Well said. The
phrase "innocent until proven guilty"
is used in connection with criminal
proceedings, where it is the
prosecutor's burden to prove the
criminal defendant's guilt beyond a
reasonable doubt.> > > > To my
knowledge, no one has accused
Ms. Anderson of a crime. As I
understand the process, the
Department of Consumer Affairs
has determined that there is
sufficient evidence to move forward
with an amended administrative
accusation regarding Ms.
Anderson's alleged mishandling of
some fairly serious painkillers. Like
you, I would welcome Ms.
Anderson's explanation regarding
the events alleged in the
administrative accusation. As
interested members of the pub lic,
concerned with the welfare of our
local public hospital, neither of us
are precluded from asking about
what happened, particularly as the
filing of the accusation (and the
misconduct alleged therein) may
relate to recent action taken or votes
cast by Ms. Anderson as a member
of the Tri-City Hospital District's
Board of Directors.> > > > So
Lawson, good work - and keep at it!
> > > > LP

------Original Message------> > From:
Lawson Chadwick> > To:> > Cc:
Paul Sisson> > Cc: michael.> > Cc: Logan
Jenkins> > Sent: 22 Apr 2010 08:
00> > Subject: Re: CHARLENE
46128 DCA Search Results:
461728> > > >

Hello Charlene~I didn't say you
were guilty........I just said EXPLAIN
the > > disciplinary action.......if you
have> > more info......let Paul
Sisson of the North county Times
know or Michael > > Burge of the
UnionTrib......I hope> > it's all not

----- Original Message -----

From: > > To: "Lawson Chadwick"
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 11:
22 PM

Have you not heard of innocent until
proven guilty Lawson?> > ----

Lawson Chadwick wrote:> > Hello Charlene~Can you explain this
disciplinary action?......Lawson> > > > CHARLENE MARY ANDERSON
LICENSE# 46128 DCA Search Results: 461728> > > > > > http://search.
a_dca > > > > > > > Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T> > >
EDITORIAL: Tri-City board's
theatrics play out
OUR VIEW: Hospital directors
perform week-long 'show'
By the North County Times
April 25, 2010
-- On Monday night, steely-eyed
board members voted 4-3 to oust
CEO Larry Anderson (actually, the
vote was to give him 60 days'
notice of termination of his
contract). What exactly the four
had against their top executive is
a little unclear. Board member
Ron Mitchell noted that the
sometimes-blunt Anderson had
a style more suited for a private,
for-profit company. The plot

-- On Tuesday, somebody began
circulating a complaint by the
California Board of Registered
Nursing against board member
Charlene Anderson (a registered
nurse who used to work for the
Scripps Encinitas hospital),
accusing her of mishandling
prescription painkillers while
employed by Scripps. Who
knows where that storyline goes.

-- On Wednesday, the board said
in a 5-0 vote, "Oops," and took it
all back, leaving Larry Anderson
still holding the ring and
scheduled for another personnel
evaluation in August.

Charlene Anderson left the
closed meeting before the vote,
as did board Chairwoman
Madeline Rodriguez, who said
she'd had enough and was
through with the board. Exit stage

-- On Thursday, Rodriguez
confirmed that her part was
ended: She had resigned.

The same day, Larry Anderson
sat down and talked with us
about the events and his
15-month tenure at the hospital.
He attributed some board
members' angst to his work in
getting hospital contracts in
order, particularly with some of
the doctors (that's a must for any
hospital) and to unease by some
with his moves to open up new
revenue streams, particularly
seeking to attract now patients in
need of orthopedic and
neurologic surgeries and cardiac

We don't know what the future will
hold for Tri-City or what storyline
the board will choose to follow.

But we agree it is necessary for
the hospital to survive ---- and as
with so many other organizations,
it is necessary to innovate to do

And if Larry Anderson can lead
the institution back from the
precipice, pulling together all the
principal players, plots and
subplots, then he may indeed
deserve the fame of a Wagner or
April 2010
Temporary take-over by
the ousted faction of
Tri-City Hospital is
about board member
Charlene Mary Anderson
Blog posts about Leslie
Devaney, Tri-City Hospital
Complaint against Tri-City on
behalf of seven administrators
Comparison of Tri-City and
Carolyn Walker (SEDC) cases
Attorney Leslie Devaney
3 Leslie Devaney cases--
including Tri-City
Tri-City Healthcare
Two of the Tri-City Hospital board members are in line to have
their nursing licenses revoked.
(These are NOT the two board members banned from closed-door meetings.  It
would seem that the wrong people are running the show.)

1) Board member Charlene Anderson
See stories below
June 2011Board of Nursing complaint against Charlene Mary Anderson

2) Board member George Coulter
See stories below
Licensee Name:        
License Type:            Psychiatric Technician
License Status:         DELINQUENT
Expiration Date:        June 30, 2010
Actions:                     Yes
Citations                    March 30, 2009:         Citation Issued
Fellow director's credentials questioned in Sterling case
A question over a colleague's credentials is the latest wrinkle to surface in the legal battle
surrounding Tri-City Healthcare District director Kathleen Sterling. Sterling's attorney,
public defender Sherry Stone, is asking the court to force hospital director George
Coulter to produce a diploma showing he has earned a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Court records indicate that Coulter testified May 27, during a deposition in a separate
case involving Sterling, that he "had a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Gold Coast
University in Orange County."

Stone says in court documents that Gold Coast does not exist in Orange County or
Ventura County.

According to a transcript from a court hearing June 30, Stone's request for the diploma
calls into question Coulter's credibility.

"We've found no evidence that he does possess that degree," Stone said at the hearing.
"He's stated in depositions, as well as at the preliminary hearing, that he had obtained it at
two different universities, neither of which exists," she added. "So he's given conflicting
testimony. His credibility is at issue."

Political integrity of Tri-City director is a matter of degree
In 2008, a slate of four candidates was elected to the Tri-City Healthcare District’s board
of directors. Once in office, this group immediately forced out the hospital’s CEO and
eight administrators in a 4-3 power play, unleashing furies that turned a troubled hospital
board into a bedlam in need of psychiatric help.

Coulter won a board seat — and tipped the balance of power into a revolutionary delirium
— with the help of two plausible misperceptions.

The first was that Coulter, now 63, is a medical doctor. After all, his profession was listed
as “psychiatric therapist,” which a hurried voter might construe as the cerebral couch work
Freud or Jung performed.

In reality, Coulter is a retired “psychiatric technician,” a job that would in everyday English
be called a psychiatric orderly, not a therapist and certainly not a doctor.

Despite the misleading ballot statement, Coulter readily concedes he’s not a medical
doctor but, rather, a proud Ph.D., the holder of an advanced degree that confers upon
people the right to pump themselves up with the title “doctor.”

It’s likely that a second batch of misled voters, in addition to the ones who assumed
Coulter was a “real” doctor, thought to themselves, “Well, the guy has a Ph.D. At least he’
s well-educated. I’m voting for the brainy guy.”

In recent court hearings, however, Coulter’s doctorate has been exposed as a probable
fake. Best case, it’s a bought degree granted by a defunct diploma mill nobody has heard
of. At worst, it’s a fraud so total that as proof there’s not even a bargain-basement fig leaf
of sheepskin.

Coulter, I gather, is looking for his diploma from “Gold Coast University,” an institution that
has left no footprint in Southern California. He’s not responding to repeated emails
seeking an explanation.

Tri-city board member's degree is at issue
George Coulter, a director on the Tri-City Healthcare District board, displays "Ph.D." after
his name on his placard displayed at board meetings. The abbreviation appeared by his
name on the 2008 election ballot. In at least two court proceedings involving infighting at
the board - most recently in May - Coulter was asked about his education.

In at least two court proceedings involving infighting at the board — most recently in May
— Coulter was asked about his education.

“Where did you obtain your Ph.D. in clinical psychology?” an attorney asked him during a
2009 deposition.

“That was Gold Coast University,” Coulter responded.

“Did you say Gold Coast?”


“Where is it located?”

“It was in Orange County.”

In the May hearing against fellow board member Kathleen Sterling, Coulter made the
same claim. He also says he got his bachelor’s degree from Gold Coast.

Sterling is being prosecuted for a possible conflict in voting to oppose sanctions imposed
on her by other board members. Prompted by Coulter, Sterling’s colleagues censured her
a year ago, saying she made a scene at a restaurant over a committee assignment.
Superior Court Judge Robert J. Kearney today will consider Sterling’s effort to subpoena
Coulter’s degree, in an effort to discredit him.

Sterling’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Sherry Stone, said she has been unable to
find a Gold Coast University in Orange County.

The Watchdog sought to find information about the university.

Gold Coast is not listed as a previously or currently accredited institution by the Western
Association of Schools and Colleges or on a larger database maintained by the Council
for Higher Education Accreditation.

Cities in Orange County had no records of a Gold Coast University, nor does the school
come up on that county’s online business search.

There was an organization called Gold Coast University in Honolulu, which opened in
1989 and closed in 1992. Authorities found its address was a mailbox, and its operator
was arrested for mail fraud and later sentenced to 43 months in prison. The Watchdog
could not determine whether that university issued Coulter’s degree.

Approached at a board meeting on Tuesday, Coulter said he couldn’t comment about the
situation because it involves an active case. His made one brief comment about Sterling,
which was, “Her attorney can lie all she wants.”

[But your attorney doesn't lie, right, Mr. Coulter?]
Oceanside, California
June 2012:  George Coulter
Dumanis' main witness against
Tri-City board member Kathleen
Sterling)  has background of moral
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
As of July 27, 2012
Strategic Initiatives Group
Casey Fatch  Executive
Vice President/Chief
Operating Officer

Sharon Schultz, RN  Chief
Nurse Executive/Chief
Clinical Officer

Alexander Yu  Chief
Financial Officer

Tobi Ferguson, Chief
Development Officer

Kathy Naylor Chief Human
Resources Officer

Donald Dawkins, RN Vice
President, Strategic

Michael DeMott  Vice
President, Operational
Improvement and Service

George Gilmore Vice
President, Information

Mary Diamond Senior
Director, Nursing

Joe Kasper Senior
Director, Support Services

Scott Livingstone Senior
Director, Clinical Efficiency
& Alternative Care

Ray Rivas Senior Director,
Revenue Cycle

Jeff Segall Senior Director,
Community Affairs

Steve Young Senior
Director, Ancillary Services

Marcia Cavanaugh
Director, Risk Management

Tarcy Connors Director,
Media Relations

Francisco Valle Director,
Multicultural Marketing

Jodie Wingo Director,
Market Development
July 25, 2012 decision
denying Tri-City Hospital's
effort to stop Larry Page lawsuit
May 2013
Tri-City Board Ordered to Pay
Kathleen Sterling's Attorney Fees
TCHD & Crooks vs Sterling
May 16, 2013
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, MINUTE ORDER                                    
CASE INIT. DATE: 03/03/2011 CASE

APPEARANCES: Greg Moser, Evelyn Heidleberg, Wendy Tucker, Allison Borkenheim (Procopio Cory),
Jeremy Rosen (Horvitz & Levy), Lee Roistacher (Daley & Heft) for Tri-City Healthcare District , Michael
Curran (Curran & Curran) for contractor Richard Crooks;

Attorneys for Kathleen Sterling
Scott McMillan & Evan Kalooky (McMillan Law Firm) and Charles M. Kagay (Spiegel Liao & Kagay) who
protected our First Amendment Rights.  

Defendant's  (Sterling) motion for attorney's fees on appeal is granted. Defendant is awarded
attorney's fees in the amount of $126,849.50.

[NOTE: Judge Maas also awarded Sterling's attorney firm The McMillan Law firm
$30,000 plus interest because Tri City failed to pay timely for the win of the
Anti-slapp in the same case. The above mentioned amount is for the win against
Tri City's appeal of Judge Maas original ruling.]
December 11, 2012
Kathleen Sterling, who was banned from closed-door meetings, wins against
Tri-City Hospital in Court of Appeal.  

Court of Appeal upholds decision of Judge Earl H. Maas in San Diego Superior Court.
Blog posts Tri-City Healthcare
Cases Ray Artiano (working
with Leslie Devaney on Tri-City
Tri-City CEO Larry Anderson, Board Members Reno, Coulter, C.
Anderson, Matt Soskins, Greg Moser continue...
September 29, 2013


On February 24, 2011 at approximately 3:20 pm, I was in Assembly Room #3 at 4002
Vista Way, Oceanside, California attending the Tri-City Medical Board meeting.

After finding a place to sit in the rear of the room, I sat for approximately 1 minute when I
saw Ms. Kathleen Sterling enter the room through the rear entrance between the
concession table and the table for the documents and flyers.

It appeared to me that Ms. Sterling was walking towards the table with the documents
when I saw a tall male white subject, later identified as Craig Lawyer, along with another
male white wearing a gray suit quickly walk towards Ms. Sterling.

I saw Ms. Sterling turn and appeared to wave “hello” to somebody in the audience just as
the two males contacted Ms. Sterling. The two males immediately told Ms. Sterling to
leave the room. Two uniformed security guards then approached from behind Ms.
Sterling and stood very close to her, approximately 2 feet from her back.

Ms. Sterling mentioned that she wanted to say hello to a friend who was several feet
away and the two men mentioned something about a restraining order in effect and
proceeded to shove her towards the door. Ms. Sterling held her ground and stated that
the order is in effect during the meeting and that the meeting had not started yet.

I looked down at my watch and noticed that there was still 5 minutes before the meeting
was to start as well as people were still milling around and most of the board was not at
the board table yet.

Ms. Sterling attempted to walk around Craig Lawyer when he suddenly grabbed at Ms.
Sterling’s shoulders with both hands and forcibly pushed her back as the man in the
gray suit then grabbed her left arm and also pushed her back. Ms. Sterling yelled, “You’
re touching me! Don’t touch me” or something to that effect as she was being pushed
out the door. Never did I see Ms. Sterling grab Craig Lawyers arms or inflict any office
injury on anyone. I was sitting approximately 10 feet away.

After Ms. Sterling was forced out of the room, Craig Lawyer and the other man came
back into the room laughing. Soon the two uniformed security guards entered the room
and they two were laughing and stated, “What a nut!” The smaller of the two uniformed
security guards stated, “She is a crazy bitch.”

The four men then sat directly behind me and I noticed Matt Soskins was then seated
near me and they began to speak. I could hear Craig Lawyer telling the man in the gray
suit, “See what you got me into with this crazy person!” Then they all laughed. Matt
Soskins then said, “Looks like we are going to have a fun night tonight.”

Two Oceanside Police Officers (Tall male and small female)soon arrived and contacted
Craig Lawyer and the other man in the gray suit and I could hear them laughing as they
described the event. They stated that she rushed them and tried to force her way past
them to get to the board members. Soon the officer left.

Later the two officers returned and laughed as they told Craig Lawyer that they had
spoken with Ms. Sterling. I could not hear what they said as the meeting was now in
session and they began to whisper.

Craig Lawyer then stood behind me again and spoke with another man. They were
laughing about the incident. The man in the gray suit spoke to another man and I heard
him say, “There is no crime so they cannot arrest. There was no injury.”

Then meeting then proceeded as scheduled.

Later when there was a 15 minute break in the meeting, I was in the hallway when I saw
Ms. Sterling standing by the doorway. Both uniformed security guards were standing in
the doorway as if blocking her admittance. Another man then asked Ms. Sterling to step
away and she did. The two uniformed guards then again began to laugh and stated,
“You have got to be kidding me with this crazy lady.” A few moments later, Rose Marie
Reno then exited the room and walked towards the rest room. She spoke with a security
guard briefly and as she walked by me she stated, “They should be throwing a fucking
fish net over her and dragging her to jail!”

I declare under the penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California and the
Laws of the United States of America, that the following is true and correct. Executed at
Oceanside, California on this 10th day of March, 2011.

s/Richard Rivero

P.O.Box 4236
Oceanside,CA 92052
A bit of history
Kathleen Sterling
Sept 2013

In the case of our local district hospitals - TC joined
Premier where they jointly purchase supplies, etc.,
with Palomar.  And there's other ways without "take
overs" for local collaboration. On another note, the
majority of the legal direction is under Gregory V.
Moser (board counsel, along with advising BETA
Health (D & O, Risk Mgt for CA District Hosp /
07-55566., September 18,
2009 - US 9th Circuit

Kathleen Sterling

Chair Reno at the time was
also on the board of BETA
to represent TC where Mr.
Moser was the general
counsel for twenty years.

Mr. Moser left Foley shortly
after this litigation began,
and joined Procopio.

In December of 2008 Ch
Reno learned of Greg
leaving BETA and began
with her change of  
behavior toward me and
the interim Julie Biggs (an
advocate for open
transparency (Brown Act
and Public Records).

During interviews for
General Counsel I had
read in the Daily Appellate
Report about the Kearney
case against Moser and
asked to give him an
opportunity to give his

Meanwhile, Reno was
already engaged with her
maneuvers to get Mr.
Moser in to oversee and
mitigate with CEO
Anderson at any level,
including very early as our
counsel working with Biggs
on the Citibank problem.

Realizing Greg was part of
the Foley problem as the
Foley lawyers had their
hands in several areas of
District Hospitals
challenges (often created
by Foley and Best Best &
Krieger who were causing
these public boards to be
more and more fractured
with their guidance.)
Board of Directors 2013

The Tri-City Healthcare
District is governed by
publicly elected Board of
Directors, who represent
the residents of Carlsbad,
Oceanside and Vista.

Larry W. Schallock          

Cyril F. Kellett, MD          
Vice Chairperson

Julie Nygaard          

RoseMarie V. Reno          

Ramona Finnila
Assistant Secretary

James Dagostino, DPT, PT
Assistant Treasurer

Paul V. L. Campo
Member, Board of Directors
Richard Rivero declaration
Roses & Raspberries
return to North County
By Logan Jenkins
Nov. 23, 2013

...A raspberry — the Oh Brother, Why Bother? award —
to the
Fair Political Practices Commission for
imposing a picayune $200 penalty upon former
Tri-City Hospital CEO Larry Anderson for failing
to report a luxury stay in Chicago paid for by a
health trade publication.

$200? Really?

Anderson’s salary, somewhere in excess of $500,000, exceeded the dreams
of avarice.

$200? This is like making someone who earns $50,000 pay $20, less than a parking
ticket, for a supposedly serious ethical offense.

In the end, of course, this finicky fine will be a sideshow.

A newly constituted board with three former city council members muscled up and fired
Anderson for cause, citing a litany of offenses that Anderson has vigorously denied.

Given Anderson’s bellicose style and litigious history, he may sue Tri-City for giving
him the bum’s rush out of the hospital. Millions may be claimed in damages.

With these high stakes flying around, you have to shake your head at the FPPC
burning up staff time to gain an admission of fault and a bit of loose change.
Blog posts CEO Larry
CEO Larry Anderson