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updated Sept. 9, 2014:

Thomas Moore, MD
Chief Executive Officer of Faculty Practice
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the
Faculty Practice/ Dean of Clinical Affairs  
will work collaboratively with the Vice Chancellor
for Health Sciences and the CEO for the
Health System in overseeing all aspects of
Health Sciences Faculty Practice.
The CEO for the Faculty Practice is responsible
for ensuring the successful Clinical Operations
of the UCSD Faculty Practice including Quality
of Care, Clinical Compliance, Privacy,
Clinical Residency, Clinical Service Agreements,
and Telemedicine.

Margarita Baggett, RN, MSN
Chief Clinical Officer

Lori Donaldson
Chief Financial Officer
[150 hospital and health system CFOs to know
Becker's Hospital Review
August 21, 2014
Ms. Donaldson joined UCSD Health System in 1990 and served as controller for 13 years
before becoming CFO in July 2010. In her current role, she develops and implements
financial strategies, operating and capital budgets, and financial reporting and controls. She
also oversees financial planning and funding strategies in support of the system's large
capital projects. Ms. Donaldson is active on the board of the Bannister Family House and as a
member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the San Diego State
University Alumni Association, as she earned her bachelor's degree in business
administration/accounting from SDSU.]

Angela Scioscia, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Ed Babakanian
Chief Information Officer

Patty Maysent, MPH, MBA
Chief Strategy Officer

Thomas J. Savides, MD
Chief Experience Officer

Kathy Brewster
Chief Administrative Officer – Ambulatory

Julie E. Croner
Chief Administrative Officer – Clinical Programs

Brendan Kremer
Chief Administrative Officer – Clinical Programs

Lisa Murphy
Chief Administrative Officer – Clinical Programs

UC San Diego Health Sciences [Academic side]

David Brenner, MD
Vice Chancellor

Paul Viviano
Chief Executive Officer & Associate Vice Chancellor

Thomas Moore, MD
Dean of Clinical Affairs

James McKerrow, PhD, MD
Dean, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kristin Bertell, MA, CFRE
Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Development

Ron Espiritu
Associate Vice Chancellor, Business and Fiscal Affairs
Gary Firestein, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor, Translational Medicine
Bill Murin
Chief Human Resources Officer
Vivian Reznik, MD
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Faculty Affairs
Andrew L. Ries, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Brian Smith, MBA, JD
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Affairs

Mounir Soliman, MD, MBA
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences International
Angela Scioscia, MD
Chief Medical
Officer (CMO)
UC San Diego
Health System
downloaded Aug. 17, 2014

Angela SciosciaAngela
Scioscia, MD,
joined the UC San Diego
faculty in 1989,
and has been chief medical
officer (CMO)
of UC San Diego Health
System since 2004.

As CMO, she works to ensure
that the highest safety and
quality standards are being
met, and that the entire staff
works together to provide
patient-centered care through
a multidisciplinary and
integrated approach.

Dr. Scioscia, a professor in
reproductive medicine, is
board-certified in obstetrics
and gynecology, maternal-fetal
medicine and medical
genetics. She is actively
involved in the training of
medical students and
residents. Prior to assuming
the role of chief medical
officer, she was the director of
the UC San Diego Fetal
Diagnosis and Treatment
Center for 15 years.

Dr. Scioscia completed her
internship, residency and two
fellowships at Yale University
School of Medicine. She
earned her medical degree at
the University of Pennsylvania
in Philadelphia and her
Bachelor’s of Arts at the
University of Virginia in

Dr. Scioscia participates in
several professional societies,
including the Society of
Maternal-Fetal Medicine, the
American Society of Human
Genetics, and the American
College of Obstetricians and
Gynecologists. She is the
recipient of numerous awards,
including the San Diego
Business Journal’s “Women
Who Mean Business” Award in
2009. She was nominated for
Athena San Diego’s Individual
in Education Pinnacle Award in
2006. Athena San Diego is the
premier organization for
executive women in science,
technology, health care and

Dr. Scioscia is married to
Steven Plaxe, MD, director of
UC San Diego Health System’s
Division of Gynecologic
Oncology. In her leisure time,
she enjoys relaxing with her
husband and two daughters.
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UC Priorities, "Efficiencies"
Blog posts re UCSD (SDER)
UC growth in management and administrator salaries
update Oct. 26, 2014:

UCSD's almost-million-dollar man
Fall of cancer institute, sex case mars tenure of pay-boosted hospital chief
By Matt Potter
San Diego Reader
July 22, 2014

Someone at UCSD just got a $21,600 raise, and it wasn't chancellor Pradeep

The school's top-dollar pay boost belongs to Paul Viviano, whose title is associate
vice chancellor and health systems chief executive officer of the state-funded

Viviano's annual base salary went from $720,000 to $741,600 by virtue of an
action of University of California regents last week that also boosted Khosla's
relatively more modest compensation from $411,084 to $423,417.

Both raises came as part of 3 percent "salary adjustments" for 21 "senior
management group members" approved by the regents.

According to the agenda item, Viviano is also eligible for an unspecified amount of
"Regentally approved incentive pay." A University of California compensation
website shows that in calendar year 2013 Viviano, the former chief executive of
Alliance Healthcare Services, received total gross pay of $831,147.

Shortly after he was hired in 2012, it fell to Viviano to engineer the less-than-
transparent demise of UCSD's costly Nevada Cancer Institute, a well-hyped but
ultimately ill-fated Las Vegas venture undertaken by a previous administration.

Viviano told the newspaper then known as the San Diego Union-Tribune in
September 2012 that the university’s goal was to "bring patients from Las Vegas to
San Diego for bone-marrow transplants, major oncology surgeries or other
procedures that can’t be done there."

"The jury is still out on whether those patients will come here. We think it’s the
case. And we think there’s an opportunity for organ transplants, because there isn’
t an organ transplant hospital in the greater Las Vegas area.

"We’re also going to be subleasing some [institute] space to clinicians in the
community and we’re evaluating whether it makes sense to have a closer working
relationship with a cancer group there.

"So the jury’s still out on whether it’s going to be a good business opportunity.
Within a year of the start of our operations would be a reasonable time frame to
come to a point of view about that. But we’re proud we’re there."

Viviano subsequently clammed up, failing to disclose the degree of the institute's
growing troubles.

University officials continued to speak glowingly about the project until the Las
Vegas Review Journal reported in November 2012 that the operation would be
shuttered amid allegations of mismanagement.

A last-ditch attempt to partner with a health-care company collapsed that

More bad news came in March 2013 when Las Vegas media revealed that Michael
Goldman, the cancer institute's former chief executive, had been busted that
January for alleged unlawful sexual activity, transporting child pornography, and
coercion and enticement.

This March, Goldman copped a plea and was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine and
serve five years in federal prison in California, according to court records.

[Update Oct. 27, 2014:

Letter from UPTE-CWA to Paul Viviano May 17, 2013 regarding threats and
interrogations by UCSD]
Healthcare Watchdogs
Gary M. Vilke, MD
(downloaded Nov. 12, 2014)
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Emergency Medicine (Primary
Disaster Medicine

Date Joined Staff:
Current Status: Active

"I love my role in the emergency
department caring for patients who
have come, often at one the
toughest times in their lives, for
care. I embrace the opportunity to
offer my medical care along with
the chance to ease pain, improve
medical ailments and offer
emotional support."

Current activities:
* Professor of Clinical
Emergency Medicine,
University of California, San
Diego School of Medicine

* Chief, Division of
Emergency Medical
Services (EMS)
* Medical Director,
Risk Management UC
San Diego Health
* President, Academy of
Clinician Scholars (AOCS)
* Director of Clinical
Research, UC San Diego
Medical Center, Department
of Emergency Medicine (DEM)
* Clinical Scholar Research
Fellowship Director, UC San
Diego DEM
* Director, Custody Services,
UC San Diego Medical Center
* Medical Director of the
American Heart Association
Training Center, UC San
Diego Center for
Resuscitation Science
* Medical Director, Carlsbad
Fire Department
* Medical Director,
AviaMedix Air Ambulance

Previous experience
* Medical Director, San Diego
County Emergency Medical
Services (2002-06)
* Chief of Staff, UC San Diego
Health System (2009-12)
* Vice Chief of Staff UC San
Diego Medical Center (2007-
* Medical Director,
Southwestern College
Paramedic Training Program
* Medical Director, Palomar
College Paramedic Training
Program (2000-04)
* Director, Prehospital
Services, UC San Diego
Medical Center (1997-2003)
* Medical Director, Paramedic
Base Hospital, UC San Diego
Medical Center (1997-2003)
* Medical Director, Mercy Air
Medical Transport Service,
San Diego, California (1996-
* Medical Director,
Aeromedevac Air Ambulance
* Flight Physician, Mercy Air
Medical Transport Service,
7/95-7/96 Associated
Emergency Physicians
Medical Group, San Diego,
* Kaiser Permanente
Emergency Department, San
Diego, California (1994-96)
* Sharp Rees Stealy Urgent
Care, San Diego, California
* Flight Physician, Life Flight
Air Medical Transport Service

Patient Experience
We're Here For You
[downloaded Nov. 12, 2014]

The UC San Diego Health
System Patient Experience
Department acts as a liaison
between the patients,
hospitals and physicians to
address concerns, complaints
and issues. We are here to
assist patients and families to
ensure that their experience
with UC San Diego Health
System is a positive one.
Our Services

We handle concerns,
complaints and questions
Patient rights
Assistance with advance
Requests for special
Anything else that can be
done to make your stay as
pleasant as possible
We are patient advocates,
responding to any concerns
or problems that might arise.
We provide assistance with
translators and sign language

Do You Have a Concern?

While in the hospital, all
complaints or concerns
should first be discussed with
your nurses or physicians. If
you are still not completely
satisfied with the quality of
care you are receiving,
please contact Patient
Relations. Your discussions
with us will be kept
We Listen...

Please tell us about your
experience while in one of our
hospitals. You may submit
your comments and feedback
by phone, mail, email or

Online form: Tell us about
your experience
Phone: 619-543-5678
Patient Experience
UC San Diego Health System
200 West Arbor Drive, Mail
Code 8916
San Diego, CA 92103-8916

Please remember to include
the following information in
your communication with us:

Your name
The patient's name
Date of service
Location of service
Patient's medical record
number or date of birth
A phone number where you
can be reached

CRISI Medical
Systems, Inc.

(downloaded Nov. 12, 2014 but the
information seems to be outdated)

Ted Chan
James Killeen
Gary Vilke

Gary Vilke, MD,

Dr. Vilke is a Professor of
Clinical Medicine at the
University of California, San
Diego in the Department of
Emergency Medicine, Chief of
Staff for the UCSD Medical
Center, and serves as Co-
Director for Custody Services
at UCSD as well as the
Director for Clinical Research
for the Emergency

9191 Towne Centre Drive,
Suite 330
San Diego, CA 92122 • USA

Phone: 858-754-8640

UC San Diego
Recognized at White
House for Health IT
Written By: Michelle Brubaker
June 25, 2012

During a motorcycle ride last
year, 70-year-old John Dalton
started having symptoms of a
heart attack.

“I couldn’t catch my breath
and knew something was
wrong,” said Dalton.

When paramedics arrived on
scene, Dalton’s vital signs
and electrocardiogram (ECG)
were transferred
electronically to UC San
Diego Health System’s
emergency room.

Theodore Chan
“The team was aware of his
medical condition before he
even came through our ED
doors,” said Ted Chan, MD,
medical director of the
emergency department at UC
San Diego Health System and
San Diego Beacon
Community Project leader.
“The technology out in the
field made for a more
efficient, coordinated workflow
in all aspects of Mr. Dalton’s

One of Chan’s main focuses
as an emergency physician is
health information exchange
(HIE), and his work in this
area landed him at 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue this
week. He was one of 82
representatives from across
the nation recognized by the
White House and Health and
Human Services (HHS) in
Washington, D.C. Chan was
one of four panelists asked to
speak about the successes
and challenges around the
implementation of health IT.
He also discussed how
programs, like the Beacon
Community Project, play an
important role in moving the
United States toward an
electronically-enabled health
care system.

“I came away from the panel
realizing there are several
challenges to implementing
health IT and electronic
records across the country,
but we are beginning to see
the benefits of this initiative,
and San Diego is ahead of
the game,” said Chan.

The HHS Office of the
National Coordinator for
Health IT (ONC) is providing
$250 million over the next
three years through the
Beacon Community Project to
17 selected communities
throughout the nation that
have already made advances
in HIE.

Each of the Beacon
communities, with its unique
population and regional
context, is actively working to
strengthen HIE capabilities,
translate investments in
health IT to measurable
improvements in cost and
patient care quality and
develop new, innovative
approaches to implementing
technology in the health care

Dalton, a grandfather, says
he is forever grateful for
health care technology as he
continues to enjoy retirement
feeling better than ever.

“It saved my life – no doubt
about it,” said Dalton.

To learn more about the San
Diego Beacon Community
Project or to hear John Dalton’
s personal story, please visit:

Associate Professor Jim
Killeen, MD nationally
recognized for
Achievement in
Information Systems
downloaded Nov 12, 2014

Dr. Jim Killeen was one of
four national awardees for
Outstanding Achievement by
the Association of Medical
Directors of Information

EM Residency highlighted in
the new $70 million UCSD Sim
Center. The UC San Diego
School of Medicine has
opened a state-of-the-art
medical training center — the
first since the medical school
opened in 1968 — fulfilling a
longstanding desire by UCSD
to bring all of its training
programs under one roof.


Ted Chan, MD, David Guss,
MD, Jim Killeen, MD, Ed
Castillo, PhD, and the UCSD
Dept of Emergency Medicine
awarded $15.3million grant
from ONC on behalf of the
San Diego Beacon
collaborative to expand health
IT innovation throughout the
region. Announced by Vice
President Joseph Biden and
DHHS Secretary Sibelius from
the White House.
UCSD's Emergency Medicine
Residents came in first place
in the ACEP/EMRA Simulation-
Wars at the 2010 Annual
American College of
Emergency Physicians
Conference in Las Vegas.
The Department of
Emergency Medicine
deployed three physicians to
Haiti to provide medical care
to earthquake survivors: Drs.
Christian Sloane, Colleen
Buono and Sean-Xavier
Neath. Drs. Neath, Buono and
Sloane were selected as
"Real Heroes" for their efforts
in Haiti by the San
Diego/Imperial Counties
chapter of the American Red


San Diego County Medical
Society along with San Diego
Magazine places several of
our physicians on the 2009
Top Doctors List: Ted Chan
MD, Richard Clark MD, Jim
Dunford MD, David Guss MD,
Chris Sloane MD, and Gary
Vilke MD.
Daniel Davis is awarded the
NAPH for Best Patient Safety
Program for UC San Diego's
Comprehensive Inpatient
Resuscitation Program
Ted Chan, MD, Jim Killeen,
MD, Colleen Buono, MD,
along wit Bill Griswold, PHD
(Computer Science) were
awarded a $2.6 million grant
from NIH for project titled
WIISARD (Wireless Internet
Information System for
Medical Response to
David Guss, Ted Chan and
Gary Vilke are named Top
Reviewers for Annals of
Emergency Medicine
Jim Dunford is awarded a
Public Service Award for his
role as the Medical Director
for San Diego Project


Eddie Castillo, Ted Chan and
Gary Vilke are awarded an
evaluation grant from the
California Healthcare
Foundation to study
ambulance diversion in
Jim Killeen, Ted Chan and
Eddie Castillo are awarded
two grants from the county of
San Diego and
Pacificare/United Health to
electronically link hospital
EDs and local area
community clinics
Kama Guluma received part
of an NIH P-01 program
project awarded to study
external counterpulsation as
a treatment for acute
ischemic stroke
Jim Dunford is awarded the
Vic Kops Humanitarian award
for his role as the Medical
Director for the Qualcomm
Stadium Aid Center in the
2007 Wildfires
University of California, Office of General Counsel
downloaded Mar. 9, 2015
Michael McDermott
Deputy Campus Counsel
& Chief Health System
UC San Diego

Michael McDermott has served as Deputy Campus Counsel and Chief Health System
Counsel for UC San Diego since June 2014.  Mr. McDermott has primarily represented
health care clients for over thirty years. Prior to joining the University of California, he
worked as the General Counsel for two teaching hospitals in New York City and was
also the partner in charge of the health care practice group at Farrell Fritz, P.C. on
Long Island.

Mr. McDermott earned his undergraduate degree from St. John’s University in 1977
and his law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1980.

Downloaded March 9, 2015
Michael E. McDermott, JD
Deputy Campus Counsel and Chief Health System Counsel for UC San Diego

Downloaded Mar. 9, 2015
Campus Counsel - Faculty/Staff Directory: Search Results

Do, Lynn M.         Exec Asst         (858) 822-2882                 lynndo@ucsd.
edu         CAMPUS COUNSEL         0097

Klein, Dennis M.         Assoc Campus Counsel         (858) 822-1236                 CAMPUS COUNSEL         0097

McDermott, Michael E.         Dep Cam/Chf Hlth Sys Counsel         (858) 822-
1236                CAMPUS COUNSEL         0097

Park, Daniel W.         Chf Cam Counsel         (858) 822-1236                 CAMPUS COUNSEL         0097
(UCSD lawsuits) and general
Lawyers at UC
(UCLA tort claim)
(UCLA lawsuits) 1
(UCLA lawyers) radiology
UCLA lawsuits 2
UC general counsel
[Health System CEO] Viviano abruptly departs UCSD in
turmoil’s midst
By Matt Potter
San Diego Reader
July 9, 2015
...Starting August 24, Viviano will become the new president and chief executive officer
of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
[Viviano's departure to USC seems to have coincided with
UCSD's decision to sue USC. Perhaps Viviano did not support
the decision to sue.]
Paul Viviano--(Former) Chief Executive Officer and
Associate Vice Chancellor
News Release
Date: May 01, 2012
Paul S. Viviano Named New CEO of UC San Diego Health System
Paul S. Viviano has accepted the position as the new CEO of UC San Diego
Health System and associate vice chancellor for Health Sciences. His
appointment was approved by the UC Board of Regents, and will
commence June 1, 2012.
Forbes: ...Previously, he served as Chairman of the Board and Chief
Executive Officer of Alliance HealthCare Services from 2003 to June 2012...]
Update: Paul Viviano went to
USD in summer of 2015

Paul S. Viviano, Chief
Executive Officer
CEO, UC San Diego Health
Associate Vice Chancellor,
UC San Diego Health Sciences

Paul S. Viviano is chief
executive officer (CEO)
for UC San Diego Health
System and associate
vice chancellor for UC San
Diego Health Sciences.

Mr. Viviano brings to UC San
Diego Health System
a record of exceptional
leadership and strategic
vision with a community
hospital system, an academic
health center and in medical
business providing health care
services nationally. He was
most recently Chairman of the
Board and CEO of Alliance
HealthCare Services — the
nation’s largest provider of
advanced outpatient diagnostic
imaging services and a national
leader of radiation oncology
services, serving more than
1,300 hospitals.

His prior positions include
president and CEO of USC
University Hospital and
USC/Norris Cancer Hospital, a
private research and teaching
hospital staffed by faculty from
the Keck School of Medicine at
the University of Southern
California. USC/Norris is an
National Institute of Health-
designated comprehensive
cancer center.

Prior to his work at USC, Mr.
Viviano served in various
positions, including as
executive vice president and
CEO of the St. Joseph Health
System in Orange, California,
comprised of 14 acute
hospitals, six medical practice
foundations, three home-health
agencies and multiple
ambulatory clinics.

From 1985 to 1987, he was
president and CEO of the 300-
bed nonprofit acute care
facility, Long Beach Community
Hospital, and from 1980 to
1985, served as CEO of Los
Alamitos Medical Center.

A Los Angeles native and
University of California
alumnus, Mr. Viviano earned
his bachelor’s degree from UC
Santa Barbara and
degree in public
administration-public health
at UCLA.
He is a member of
the Board of Trustees at
Loyola Marymount University,
where he also serves as chair
of the governance committee, a
member of the finance
committee and chair of the
Bioethics Institute. He is also a
member and former chairman
of the National Association for
Quality Imaging, and will
continue to serve as a member
of the Board of Directors for
Alliance HealthCare Service
updated Dec. 13, 2015

UCSD's $516,000 temporary
Interim health system shoe-filler collects
retroactive six-figure cash
By Matt Potter
San Diego Reader
Dec. 11, 2015

The intrigue surrounding the saga
of UCSD Health's departed top
man Paul Viviano continues, with
a lengthening search underway to
fill the vacancy, and approval by
U.C. regents of a $516,000
interim appointment.

...Since Viviano's summer resignation, the
chief executive part of his job has been
filled by
Patricia Maysent, who worked
under him as executive director of Strategic
and Business Development.

Ms. Maysent has been serving as the CEO
of UC San Diego Health System since Mr.
Viviano’s departure, without any additional
compensation beyond her current salary of
$299,252," says a November 20 regents
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
San Diego Education Report
San Diego
Education Report
News, information and ideas about our
education system, courts and health care
by Maura Larkins
UC San Diego Health System
updated Aug. 15, 2015

David Brenner
Vice Chancellor
UC San Diego Health Sciences
Dean, UC San Diego School of Medicine

David Brenner is vice chancellor for
Health Sciences and dean of the School
of Medicine at the University of
California, San Diego. In this role, he
leads the School of Medicine, Skaggs
School of Pharmacy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences at University
of California, San Diego, and UC San
Diego Health System
Paul Viviano's positions have been filled by two people.
Medical Links
Law Ignored, Patients at Risk
Patricia Maysent

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
for the Faculty Practice/ Dean
of Clinical Affairs
Job #JPF00466

School of Medicine - VC-HEALTH

Recruitment Period
Open Nov 1, 2013 through Feb 28,
Last review date was November
22nd, 2013
. Your application may or may
not be reviewed by the search committee

The UCSD Office of the Vice Chancellor,
Health Sciences is recruiting for a Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) for the Faculty
Practice/ Dean of Clinical Affairs who will
work collaboratively with the Vice
Chancellor for Health Sciences and the
CEO for the Health System in overseeing
all aspects of Health Sciences Faculty
Practice. The CEO for the Faculty
Practice is responsible for ensuring the
successful Clinical Operations of the
UCSD Faculty Practice including Quality
of Care, Clinical Compliance, Privacy,
Clinical Residency, Clinical Service
Agreements, and Telemedicine. The
University of California, San Diego is
committed to academic excellence and
diversity within the faculty, staff, and
student body.

University of California, San Diego is an
Equal Opportunity Employer
AP On-Line Recruit
University of California, San Diego
© 2007-2014 The Regents of the
University of California. All rights reserved.

Thomas Moore, MD
Dean of Clinical Affairs and Chief
Executive Officer of the UC San Diego
Faculty Practice

As Dean of Clinical Affairs and Chief
Executive Officer of the UC San Diego
Faculty Practice, Dr. Moore provides
leadership of UC San Diego Medical
Group, an inpatient and outpatient
physician practice. In this role, he works
closely with department chairs and chief
administrative officers to implement
inpatient and ambulatory strategies to
enhance clinical operations and to ensure
an effective care delivery network,
community care program, and a
comprehensive ambulatory risk
management program. Additionally, Dr.
Moore is responsible for ensuring that UC
San Diego Health System’s clinical
programs and activities achieve the
highest standards of service, quality,
safety, compliance and overall
performance, and are integrated to
support the unique needs of an academic
health system.

Dr. Moore served as chair of the
Department of Reproductive Medicine for
18 years, and chair of the Women and
Infants Clinical Program Council. He is
board-certified in obstetrics and
gynecology, and maternal-fetal medicine,
and specializes in high-risk pregnancies
and diseases that affect the fetus. As a
practicing physician, Dr. Moore will
continue his dedication to helping women
understand how pregnancy affects their
bodies and what they can do to help
ensure healthy outcomes for their unborn
babies. His research interests center on
optimal management of diabetes in
pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis of fetal
abnormalities and the clinical quantitation
and assessment of amniotic fluid volume.

Dr. Moore served 25 years in the U.S.
Navy and participated in two executive
development programs through the
Wharton School of Business and the
Harvard School of Business. During his
medical training, he completed a
fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at
UC San Diego School of Medicine after
doing his residency and internship in
Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Naval
Medical Center San Diego. Dr. Moore
earned his medical degree and
graduated cum laude from Yale University
in Connecticut. He has authored and co-
authored many peer-reviewed journal
articles and chapters in major medical
textbooks, including co-editing Creasy
and Resnik’s Maternal Fetal Medicine and
contributing to Neonatal-Perinatal
Medicine and Diseases of the Newborn.

Nationally, Dr. Moore has served as
officer and participant on numerous
boards and advisory panels including
those of the American Board of Obstetrics
and Gynecology, American Gynecological
and Obstetrical Society, and National
Institutes of Health Study. Dr. Moore has
been ranked several times as one of the
top obstetricians and gynecologists in the
nation by U.S. News & World Report, as
well as been named repetitively as a “Top
Doc” in San Diego Magazine’s
“Physicians of Exceptional Excellence”
annual survey performed in collaboration
with the San Diego County Medical
Society. Most recently he received the
Louis M. Hellman, MD Midwifery
Partnership Award from the American
College of Obstetricians and

When not at work, Dr. Moore enjoys
sailing, photography, playing jazz music
and spending time with his wife Peggy,
five children and 12 grandchildren.

Thomas Moore
Chairman, Department of Reproductive
Division of Perinatal Medicine

(619) 543-7900
(619) 543-3703
Medical Education

MD, Yale University (Cum Laude), 1979
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency @
Naval Hospital San Diego,1979-1983
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship @
UCSD School of Medicine, 1983-1985

Research Interests

Clinical quantitation and assessment of
amniotic fluid volume
Regulation of amniotic fluid volume
The contribution of fetal urinary function
and maternal vascular tonicity to amniotic
fluid volume.

Clinical Specialties

All aspects of Maternal-Fetal Medicine,
especially including fetal movement,
diabetes and pregnancy, amniotic fluid
volume, fetal diagnosis.
Board Certifications

Obstetrics and Gynecology/Maternal-
Fetal Medicine.
Classes regularly taught

Maternal Adaptation to Pregnancy
Fetal Renal Development
Fetal Hematology
Use and Abuse of the Amniotic Fluid Index
Sonography in Early Pregnancy
Is Technology Interfering with Childbirth?
Patterns of Uterine Contractions in
Normal Pregnancy: Lessons for the
Treatment of Preterm Labor
Trauma in Pregnancy
New Approaches to Minimizing Morbidity
and Diabetic Pregnancy
Postdates Paradoxes
Obstetric Emergencies

Recent Publications
Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Sohl BD, Scioscia AL, Budorick NE,
Moore TR. Utility of minor
ultrasonographic markers in the
prediction of abnormal fetal karyotype at
a prenatal diagnostic center. Am J Obstet
Gynecol 1999;181(4):898-903.
Wolf RB, Moise KJ, Richter PJ, Moore TR,
Brace RA. Antibody-induced platelet
destruction in fetal sheep. Submitted to
Am J Obstet Gynecol, 1999.
Song T-B, Moore TR, Lee J-Y, Kim Y-H,
Kim E-K. Fetal weight prediction by thigh
volume measurement with three-
dimensional ultrasonography. Obset
Gynecol 96(2):157:161, 2000.
Adams-Chapman I, Vaucher YE, Bejar
RF, Benirschke K, Baergen RN, Moore
TR. Maternal floor infarction of the
placenta: association with central nervous
system injury and adverse
neurodevelopmental outcome. J Perinatol
22(3):236-41, 2002.
Moore TR. A comparison of amniotic fluid
fetal pulmonary phospholipids in normal
and diabetic pregnancy. Am J Obstet
Gynecol 186(4):641-50, 2002.

Former UCSD Dean of
Clinical Affairs Dies in
By Brandi Powell and Monica Garske
NBC San Diego
Sep 4, 2013

The University of California San Diego’s
former dean of clinical affairs, Thomas
‘Tom’ McAfee, has died, NBC 7 confirmed.

According to Debra Kain, director of
Health Sciences Research
Communications at UC San Diego,
McAfee recently died in an accident while
on vacation in Tanzania, Africa. His cause
of death has not yet been released.

Kain says McAfee’s last day with
UC San Diego was fairly recent.

He was set to begin a new job at the
University of Southern California this
Tuesday, Sept. 3, as the CEO of the
Keck Medicine of USC Medical

In his roles at UC San Diego, McAfee was
dean of Clinical Affairs for the UC
San Diego Health Sciences, as well as
chief executive officer for UC San
Diego Faculty Practice.

He provided leadership for
UC San Diego Medical Group,
an inpatient and outpatient
physician practice.
He also served
as president of UC San Diego Ambulatory
Surgery Center.

According to his official UCSD biography,
McAfee was recruited in 2002 as UCSD
Health Sciences’ first physician-in-chief.
Prior to joining UCSD, he served as
associate chief medical officer at UC
San Francisco.

On Sunday, McAfee’s UC San Diego
colleagues, David Brenner, MD, Paul
Viviano and
Larry Friedman, MD,
released the following email to faculty and
staff at UC San Diego Health Sciences:

“It is with regret and personal sadness
that we inform you that Dr. Thomas
McAfee, until very recently, the Dean of
Clinical Affairs for UC San Diego Health
Sciences and CEO for UC San Diego
Faculty Practice, was killed in an accident
while on vacation in Africa. We have no
other details at present.

University dean 'trampled to death
by an ELEPHANT on luxury
African vacation' just three days
before he
was due to start his new
Daily Mail
4 September 2013

Dr. Thomas McAfee, 58, died on
Saturday after being trampled by an
elephant in Tanzania...
Dr. Thomas Moore
updated Oct. 29, 2016
Patty Maysent, MPH, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, UC San Diego Health
Updated Oct. 29, 2016

Patty Maysent is the chief executive officer for UC San Diego Health, which she joined in June
2012 as chief of staff and then became chief strategy officer in 2013. Maysent brings more than
25 years of executive experience in hospital and health services management to these positions,
including having served as CEO of St. Jude Medical Center.

Maysent is responsible for the performance and operations of UC San Diego Health, which
employs more than 7,500 team members and has an operating budget in excess of $1.7 billion.
Maysent will also continue to move the region's only academic medical center forward in its
tripartite mission of delivering outstanding patient care, groundbreaking research and inspired

Maysent is the principal architect of UC San Diego Health's strategic plan, which concentrates on
four main areas: clinical excellence, patient experience, performance management and growth.  
Additionally, she has managed the development of the clinical programs councils and related
specific clinical program strategic plans.