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Sept. 4, 2012 Appeal re Denial of Motion to Dissolve Injunction--D062738
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Stutz Artiano Shinoff
& Holtz v. Maura
Larkins defamation



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Stutz Artiano Shinoff
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Larkins OAH Hearing
Appellant's Appendix (Exhibits)
[Each pdf volume takes about 5 minutes to download]

Volume 8 contains the exhibits that were illegally destroyed by
at the San Diego Superior Court, including 9 exhibits
of Plaintiff
and 29 exhibits of Defendant (author of this website)

Exhibit 95a--Plaintiff's pleading

Stutz 8-page pleading filed July 10, 2013 re state of website            1618-1628
for July 27, 2012 hearing on 3rd Motion o Strike; Holtz declaration;
Proof of service and Norco delivery report; Notice of Lodgment
Exhibits A-I      [total 9 exhibits]                                                                1629-1701
[These  exhibits are missing from court file while the case is
still active]

Exhibit 95b--Defendant's pleading
Defendant’s 8-page response to Stutz pleading re state of website                      pages
for July 27, 2012 continued hearing on Motion to Strike (July 17, 2012 filed)

[The following exhibits are missing from the court file
while the case is still active.]   

Exhibit 18  Complete 14-page Defendant’s brief for July 27, 2012
          hearing re Motion to Strike Defendant asks the court
          to file and consider for the July 27, 2012 hearing re
          Motion to Strike decision        

Newspaper articles

Exhibit 19     “A History of Death Threats, Scandal and Sewage-
              Tainted Water” October 16, 2011, Rob Davis,
              Voice of San Diego

Exhibit 20a    “Judge's tentative ruling disqualifies MCC attorneys from
          Hatoff case” August 24, 2007 By PHILIP K. IRELAND
          North County Times

Exhibit 20b               “Teacher's suit vs. MiraCosta awaits ruling”  Aug 25, 2007 By

Exhibit 21          “Judge reverses decision on attorneys in MiraCosta case”      Sept
6, 2007        By Lola Sherman SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

Exhibit 22        “Longtime MiraCosta College official placed on leave” August 26,
2006 By: DAVID GARRICK North County Times

“MCC settles with former administrator for $500K”  Dec. 12, 2007 By PHILIP K.
IRELAND North County Times

Exhibit 23         “Balboa Park plan to clear cars, parking is approved” U-T San Diego,
July 9, 2012 Letters: Balboa Park  debate continues” U-T San Diego, July 12, 2012

Exhibit 24        “The Schoolhouse Lawyer Who Helped Hire His Overseer” by Emily
Alpert March 3, 2009”

Defendant’s websites and blogs

Exhibit 25a                “I’m wondering if there’s anything you hold sacred…” page 8
out of 16 of http://mauralarkins.com/DanielShinoffDeclaration.html

Exhibit 25b        page 10 out of 16 http://mauralarkins.com/DanielShinoffDeclaration.

Exhibit 26         Pages 3 and 4 of the webpage at  http://mauralarkins.

Exhibit 27a        Pages 11 and 12 of webpage at http://:www sandiegoeducationreport.
printed out by Defendant before erasing letter Stutz
complained about

Exhibit 27b         Pages 10- 12 http://www.sandiego educationreport.
printed out after I erased two quotes

Exhibit 29        Page 1 http:// sandiegoeducationreport.org/DepoMLpp105-115.html
after I erased (compare to Plaintiff Exhibit G)

Exhibit 30a         printed July 7, 2012  http://learningboosters.blogspot.
(compare to Plaintiff Exhibit H)

Exhibit 30b printed July 7, 2012  http://learningboosters.blogspot.com/2008/11/

Exhibit 31                 page 1 BJ Freeman lawsuit webpage sandiegoeducationreport.

Emails and letters

Exhibit 32        Jul. 2, 2012 –July 17, 2012        letters and emails to Plaintiff regarding
contempt sanctions
Proof of Service of mailing sanctions check
Copy of check

[total 18 exhibits missing from court file from Larkins' special 8-page pleading]

95c        Defendant’s Request for Judicial Notice in support of              
special 8-page pleading re Motion to Strike

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1                 Letter from Daniel Shinoff to
Defendant included as Exhibit E from in
Mr. Shinoff’s Declaration in Support of Motion for Summary Adjudication heard Feb.
20, 2009 by
Judge Hayes in the instant case, #37-2007-

Exhibit 2    Complaint filed by Daniel Shinoff in County of San Francisco
   on behalf of Christopher Crosier, the son of Mr. Shinoff’s
   overseer at San Diego County Office of Education,
   Diane Crosier

Exhibit 3                Defendant’s June 28, 2012 Petition for
Writ of Review, California Court of Appeal


Exhibit 4   Vista Unified School District v. B.J. Freeman   
  4a Plaintiff’s Opposition to Demurrer, 8 pages                        1879-1925
  4b Request for Dismissal by Shinoff/Abed,
                   2 pages
4c Case Management Statement, 5 pages
4d Reply in Support of Demurrer
4e Motion to strike portions of amended
complaint, 8 pages
4f Demurrer

Exhibit 5       Request for restraining order against Kathleen Elton         1926

Exhibit 6                         Decision in case of Kayla—to show facts of Plaintiff’s court
Exhibit 7                        Aug. 22, 2003        Sixth Amended Complaint: Violation of Labor
Code section 432.7 [a criminal statute], etc. filed by Maura Larkins

Exhibit 8                        Rodger Hartnett declaration regarding San Diego County
Office of Education

Exhibit 9                         Judge Judith Hayes’ decision in Digital Cornerstone, Inc. v.
Kevin Carmony

Exhibit 10                         July 17, 2012        Defendant’s ex parte request in this case
asking for clarification of injunction and asking that court reveal which statements it
found to be violations of injunction in its rulings of Aug. 7, 2009, Oct. 30, 2009, Dec.
11, 2009 (includes exhibit of “The Collateral Damage of Aguirre's Furies” by Leslie
Devaney, published by Voice of San Diego on December 12, 2005.)

Exhibit 11                         Claudia Houston v. Daniel Shinoff, complaint for tortious

[total 11 exhibits missing from Larkins' Request for Judicial Notice]
Volume 7
Volume 8
It appears that somebody at the San Diego Superior Court doesn't want this author
(Maura Larkins) to be able to appeal Judge Judith Hayes' order granting Stutz Artiano
Shinoff & Holtz' Motion to Strike Answer.  
Fortunately, the exhibits are in the Appendix for the Sept. 4, 2012 Appeal re Denial of Motion
to Dissolve Injunction (see below).
I plan to file that appeal very soon.

But somebody also wanted to prevent me from filing the appeal below, regarding an
A bizzare hoax was perpetrated in an  unsuccessful effort to default this
(Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz v. Maura Larkins defamation case)
Blog post: missing exhibits
Volume 9

(Page numbers
refer to handwritten
number on lower
right corner of each

Appellant's Appendix
(Each pdf volume takes about 5
minutes to download)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 10
See Appellant's Opening Brief.
38 exhibits pertaining to the Motion to Strike have disappeared!
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