Subpoena for documents
I talked to Commander Sam Gross of the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department on
November 3, 2008. He said he would accept mail service of my subpoena for
documents, but added "that doesn't mean that we'll honor the subpoena."

No, apparently not.

And it turns out that the Santa Barbara sheriff is also pretending that it didn't receive
the subpoena. Today I was told that Sam Gross is not available, and the records
supervisor is not available, and nobody knows when the records supervisor will be
available, and the supervisor does not have an assistant who could answer the
simple question: "Did you receive the subpoena?"

I was told to fax the subpoena, but the fax wouldn't go through.

So I'm putting the subpoena here, where Sheriff Brown and Commander Gross will
have it at their fingertips whenever they desire (see below).
Why did the United States Post Office go to Goleta, 93117 to deliver mail clearly
addressed as follows?

Bill Brown, Sheriff of Santa Barbara County
4434 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA 93160

It must be satisfying to deputy
Michael Carlson that even the USPS is helping to
cover up his troublesome activities.  But the efforts to protect Carlson and Sam
Gross are a two-edged sword.  The cover-up serves to confirm the crime.
Label/Receipt Number: 7008 1300 0001 7925 3202
Status: Notice Left

We attempted to deliver your item at 10:45 AM on November
7, 2008 in GOLETA, CA 93117 and a notice was left.

It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the
item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender...
The Sheriff's Department was open on November 7, 2008 at 10:45, but it refused
to accept a letter addressed to Sheriff Bill Brown.  My certified-mail card came
back to me, unsigned, on November 19, 2008.
Here's what the United States Postal Service has to say about its delivery attempt:
Promotions and
Transfers in Sheriff’s
Santa Barbara Independent
August 28, 2011

Press Release
...Samuel Gross
Effective Monday, August 22,
2011, Sheriff’s Commander
Samuel Gross began overseeing
the Criminal Investigations
Division which includes the
Coroner’s Bureau, narcotics,
high tech crimes, and the Air
Support Unit. Commander Gross
joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1971
as a Sheriff’s deputy. Over the
last forty years, Commander
Gross has worked in the Isla
Vista Foot Patrol, Main Jail
Operations, Special Operations
Division, Administrative Services,
Information Services and Human

Darin Fotheringham
Commander Darin Fotheringham
now oversees Support Services,
Operations Support Division.
Commander Fotheringham’s
responsibilities now include the
Emergency Dispatch Center,
radio communications, civil,
records, property, and warrants.
Commander Fotheringham
joined the SBSO in 1989 and has
worked in patrol, criminal
investigations, the Coroner’s
Bureau, and Financial Services.

San Diego Regional Training
Darin is a Lieutenant with the
Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s
Department, where he has
worked since 1989 in a variety of
assignments including Patrol,
DARE Officer, Sexual Assault
Detective, Administrative
Investigative Team Investigator,
and Supervisor of
Sheriff/Coroner’s Investigators.
Darin is a Sexual Assault
Response Team member, and
actively involved in Sexual
Assault Investigation training. He
is a founding member of the
Santa Barbara Rape Crisis
Center Honorary Board.
San Diego
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Whether Concealed
or Destroyed,
Sheriff's Audits No
Longer Needed
FEBRUARY 18, 2007

Bill Brown, Sheriff of Santa
Commander Sam Gross
Kelly Duncan Scott, Esquire

I no longer need the two audits
that the three of you are hiding.
(Or perhaps you are not hiding
them. Perhaps they have been

I know what those audits contain
(or contained). If the audits had
not contained evidence of
Michael Carlson’s guilt, Michael
Carlson would not have been
transferred from Information
Services to patrol duty, and the
audits would have been included
in Sam Gross’s declaration.

I urge each of you to make this

Michael Carlson got away with
the misdemeanors and felonies
he committed—as far the courts
are concerned. There’s not a
chance in the world that Tom
Sneddon or Bonnie Dumanis will
prosecute him for his crimes, or
that I will win my appeal.

But the three of you and Carlson
are incorrect that this matter will
be permanently concealed. The
damage that Michael Carlson
and Sam Gross and Deborah
Garvin did to children, adults and
taxpayers is too great to ignore.
The fact that felonies are being
committed by people in a position
to put others in jail and prison for
the exact same crimes is
ridiculous. People who lie out of
sheer arrogance don’t just do it
one time. I’ll bet the Sheriff of
Santa Barbara has covered up
this type of wrongdoing more
than once. Taxpayers shouldn’t
be paying the sheriff’s
department to cover up crimes.

It’s time to rehabilitate the
reputations of the innocent—and
the behavior of the guilty.

Yours truly,
Maura Larkins
The author of this website is being sued for defamation by Stutz law firm.   Documents
prove the truth of statements on this site about what happened at Chula Vista
Elementary School District.  The documents were created by the
Sheriff of Santa
Barbara, but he clearly doesn't want me to see them.
2008 subpoena
2012 subpoena--discovery suddenly stayed in Stutz
Artiano Shinoff & Holtz v. Maura Larkins
June 1, 2012

I got a minute order from the San Diego Superior Court in the mail today. The timing is
very, very strange. The last hearing in the case was March 9, 2012--two months and
three weeks ago. My discussion with Commander Darin Fotheringham in the Santa
Barbara Sheriff's office two days ago is the only event that I can connect even remotely
to this bolt out of the blue.

June 1, 2012

Commander Darin Fotheringham
Office of the Sheriff of Santa Barbara

Dear Commander Fotheringham:

I was amused that on the very day I contacted you about my subpoena for
business records from the Sheriff of Santa Barbara showing that Deputy Michael
Carlson and his sister Robin Donlan involved Chula Vista Elementary School
District in criminal actions, Judge Judith Hayes suspended all discovery in the
case at issue.

My, my. The timing is fascinating. No papers had been filed asking that discovery
be stayed. In fact, no papers had been filed in this case for two months.

I bow to your amazing—what shall I call it?—luck, perhaps?


Maura Larkins

Note: I tried to fax the above letter to the fax number Commander Fotheringham gave
me on May 30, 2012 for faxing the subpoena to him. My fax machine dialed the number,
then the call was picked up. Next I heard a raspberry sound, and soon a man was telling
me that if I'd like to make a call, I should hang up and dial again. I guess the guys who
work for the Sheriff of Santa Barbara like to have fun. They seem to be really funny

I think that it is highly unlikely that Commander Fotheringham or Sheriff Bill Brown
contacted Judge Hayes. Here's the scenario I came up with for what most likely

Commander Fotheringham may have talked to Michael Carlson. Michael Carlson went
into cover-up mode (again). Carlson seems to have no remorse at all, not even for
causing problems for the Sheriff of Santa Barbara. My guess is he thinks of himself as a
victim. He has never indicated any regret for all the problems his actions caused to me,
to my school district (including $100,000s in legal fees to defend Carlson's sister and
others), and to the children in my school.

I imagine Michael Carlson would have called his attorney, Deborah Garvin, after
Commander Fotheringham spoke to him. And perhaps his sister, Robin Donlan, who
turned his misdemeanor into a huge mess for Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Deborah Garvin and Robin Donlan would probably each have contacted Dan Shinoff of
Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz, with they worked in the earlier case involving Carlson.

And that's where the chain of likely events gets murky. What happened next???? I'm
simply unable to conjure an explanation for what could have happened.