It Shouldn't  Surprise Us!
Current Events Which Did Not Surprise Me
Current Events
which Surprised Me
Nancy Cunningham is a school administrator
who is
fighting to keep her cut of $2.4 million in bribes
her husband U.S. Rep Randy Cunningham admitted taking.
Link: San Diego Union Tribune Article
People who apologized
because they were sorry
Feb 16 2006
A federal judge admitted he
made a mistake in giving full
custody of Michael Jackson's
children to their father.
Why not simply
apologize when you
do something
harmful to others,
and try to repair
the harm you've
People who never apologized (or at least not until they were convicted
of crimes)
Regarding Randy Cunningham

"It's just unbelievable," said Congressman Ted Strickland.  "This
sanctimonious guy was just so judgmental, and he just dripped with concern
for our troops.  This guy makes you almost want to vomit..."
Link: San Diego Union Tribune
Feb 22, 2006
A Few Bad Apples--Or Normal Human Behavior?
A Few Bad Apples--Or Normal Human Behavior?

Concluded Massachusetts therapist and author Lauren
Slater: "We have to judge the individuals who committed the
horrible deeds, but we
can't judge them through the lens of
saying, 'I would never have done that,' ... because the
Millgram experiments show that under orders, most of us
will do that."
LInk: The Millgram Experiments
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