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Stutz Documents in
Larkins' Case
More on Daniel Shinoff
August 2007
threatening letter
from Stutz
They are clearly covering up something.  They need to
show what it is that they are covering up.
Page 6, lines 7-9
Paragraph 22
"Public officials who want to keep the public in the dark call
on Dan Shinoff and Mark Bresee to keep witneses quiet and
to finesse the paperwork."
Paragraph 23
"...violated the law in case after case."

GIC 781970  re criminal section of labor code

Helped cover up wrongdoing in
GIC 823858 (Elizabeth Schulman, Matthew C. Smith)

GIC 825879, later combined with GIC 781970, had five
causes of action, including fraud and obstruction of justice.
Ray Artiano evaded service in this case.
Paragraph 24

Page 6 lines 23-26
"Daniel Shinoff, Kelly Angell Minnehan, Jeffery Morris and
their law firm, Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz took
$100,000s of taxpayer dollars to cover up crimes at Chula
Vista Elementary School District."
Maura Larkins' earlier lawsuit against
Stutz' clients was thrown out in
December 2004 because Larkins
failed to file a motion to compel.  
Tactics for which Lozano, Smith
was sanctioned included
"repeated misstatements of the
record, frivolous objections to
plaintiff's statement of facts, and
repeated mischaracterizations
of the law.
The public has a right to
know when its officials are
paying tax dollars to lawyers
for violating the law.
Kelly Angell Compex
August 2003
Kept illegal files
paragraph 15
Lozano Smith
Paragraph 25
Bob Gallagher

It was approximately
March of 2004
when Maura
Larkins became
aware that
Gallagher had left
Stutz Gallagher.
Kelly Angell
informed Judge
Nevitt (in Larkins'
presence)  that
Gallagher was no
longer part of the
firm, and the firm
had changed its
Citizen Media Law
Project (Harvard
University) regarding
this case
First Amended Compalint  
Aug. 29, 2008
1.  Click HERE to see First Amended Complaint--Aug. 29, 2008
Ray Artiano deposition
Holtz) Nov. 8, 2009.
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August 5, 2011
California Court of Appeal decision in Stutz Artiano
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Stutz v. Larkins lawsuit
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Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz v. Maura Larkins
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