National University System

National Scholar
Research Council Periodical
2007, No. 2, Fall

Faculty Research Conference

To further promote research culture at National and
offer an opportunity for the faculty to present their
scholarship and research to their colleagues and
university community at large, the faculty research
conference was established as a regular annual event.
The First Faculty Research Conference took place
during the Fall Assembly on September 5, 2007. The
program included a plenary session, 8 round table
discussions, and 32 poster presentations. Total, 71
faculty presented at this conference. There was a
lively faculty interaction and communication during the
poster session. It looked like faculty enjoyed this
opportunity for professional collaboration.

The Research Council thanks all the participants of
this conference. It is due to your keen interest the
success of this conference was achieved. We hope
you appreciated the conference and we are confident
your participation contributed to your professional
development. Now is the time to start preparing your
presentations for the Second Faculty Research
Conference 2008. The call will soon be announced.

September 5, 2007
La Jolla, CA
3:00 p.m. - 3:25 p.m    Plenary meeting

- Conference Opening. Chair, Dr. Clifford Russell
- Speaker: Dr. Dana Gibson, President,
National University
3:30 p.m. - 4:20 p.m.    Roundtable discussions

Grant activities
Dr. Darla Calvet, VP for Research, Dr. Michael
McAnnear, COLS, Dr. Shekar Viswanathan, SOET, Dr.
Joan Sebastian, SOE, Dr. Joy Kutaka-Kennedy, SOE,
Mrs. Michelle Hills, Grants, Contracts and Budget
Research methods
Dr. Zhonghe Wu, SOE, Dr. Gregory White, COLS, and
Ms. Julia Buchanan, SOBM
Research of instructional practices and its value for
faculty professional development
Dr. Peter Serdyukov, SOE, and Dr. George Drops,
Online professional development for adjunct and
full-time faculty
Dr. Robyn Hill, SOE.
New approaches to the online course
Dr. Anne S. Choi, COLS, Dr. John Miller, COLS, and
Dr. Scott McClintock, COLS
Educational technology applications
Dr. Colin Marlaire, COLS, and Dr. James Jaures,
Increasing the probability of receiving that acceptance
letter! Hints for having publications and conference
presentations accepted
Dr. Stuart Schwartz, SOE
Scholarly exchange and international programs
Dr. Dave Smith, SOBM, Dr. Juan Espana, SOBM, Dr.
Igor Subbotin,
COLS, and Dr. Paul Majkut, COLS
4.30 - 5:20 p.m.    Poster Session

A systematic approach to program review: Curriculum
mapping and course alignment in the Master of Arts in
Teaching program at National University
Dr. Cynthia Schubert-Irastorza, Dr. Stacy Begin, and
Dr. Dee Fabry.
Developing reflective practitioners through online
lecture and threaded discussions
Dr. Gary Barton and Dr. Carol Shepherd
Comparing native education in Hawaii and the United
States during the 19th Century
Dr. C. Kalani Beyer
Customizing your online courseware: Three best
Dr. Ennio Cipani and Dr. Dan Cunniff
Legal pitfalls facing today's California educational
administrator: Time for reflection
Dr. Daniel Cunniff and Dr. Ken Kay
Strengthening teaching communities through online
professional development
Dr. Robyn Hill
Bullying at all K-12 schools in California
Dr. L. Wayne Reed
Accelerated learning: Past and future
Dr. Peter Serdyukov
The benefits of an accelerated learning format in
teacher education
Dr. Jan Richards
The relative effectiveness of two approaches to
interpersonal safety skills instruction for individuals
with moderate to severe disabilities
Dr. Anne Spillane

Differentiated instruction: Why do it? What is it? How to
implement it?
Dr. Francine Ann Stewart
Changing paradigms: Looking at bilingual, intercultural
education in Bolivia
Dr. Gwen Stowers

Promoting a stimulating, intellectual environment
despite increased accountability requirements
Dr. Clifford Tyler and Sidney Castle
The moral imperative: The role of ethics in education
Dr. Mary Ann Weegar
A study of the mindfulness practices and western
cognitive therapy: Effects on depression and
Dr. Valerie Alexander and Charles Tatum
Empire versus globalization
Dr. Carl Boggs
The MPAA's t Hollywood films
Dr. Tom Pollard.
Why do we age?
Dr. William Fullerton
Pheromone use in the praying Mantis "Stagmomantis
Dr. Michael R. Maxwell, Dr. Shekar Viswanathan
(SOET) and Dr. Katherine L. Barry, Macquarie
University, Sydney, Australia
Teaching General Physics at National University:
Challenges and solutionsDr. Nataliya Serdyukova
On some soluble group in which U-subgroups form a
Dr. Igor Subbotin
Data on nine DNA Loci: Forensic, anthropological and
antiterrorism applications
Dr. Ismail Sebetan
A software architecture for syntactic and semantic
Dr. Pradip Peter Dey, Mr. Albert Cruz, Dr. Thomas
Gatton, Dr. Mohammad N. Amin, Dr. Byunggu Yu, Dr.
Alireza Farahani, and Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi
A review of expertise and problem solving: A research
proposal for engineering education using scaled-world
Dr. Jack Elson, Dr. Clark Mount-Campbell, and Dr.
David Woods
Application of functional equations in testing
Dr. Feodor Vainstein
The impact of more rigorous grading on instructor
evaluations: a longitudinal study
Prof. Donald A. Schwartz
Value relevance of international financial reporting
standards: Can IFRSs save the world?
Dr. S. Thomas Rim
Using the Myers Briggs type personality inventory to
determine police officer personality types: A validation
Dr. James Guffey, Mr. James Larson, and Mr. Dennis
Interactional expectations of traditional and
nontraditional learners using expectancy violations
Dr. Joan Van Tassel and Dr. Scott Campbell
The development of the revised version of the
educational outcome expectancy scale
Dr. Brian Tilley
5:20 p.m. - 5: 30 p.m.    Closure of the Conference

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Clifford Russell, Chair
Dr. Hermann Maurer (Austria)
Dr. Piet Kommers (Holland)
Dr. Oleg Tarnopolskiy (Ukraine)
Dr. Ismail Sebetan
Dr. Igor Subbotin
Dr. Charles Tatum
Dr. Carol Shepherd
Dr. Joan Sebastian
Dr. Pavel Glukhovskiy
Dr. Nedra Crow
Dr. Hassan Badkobehi
Dr. Lorraine Leavitt
Dr. Shekar Viswanathan
Dr. Sara-Ellen Amster
Dr. Peter Serdyukov
Dr. Tom Green
Dr. Darla Calvet
Mrs. Karen Lyons

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