An Open Letter to Barbara Kerr, President of
California Teachers Association

MAURA LARKINS                                                                                          
May 27, 2005

Ms. Kerr, the May 19, 2005 article on your website, "CTA President Outraged by
Governor's Name-Calling," appears to be a typical case of the pot calling the
kettle black.  You claim to be outraged by Governor Schwarzenegger's name-
calling and his "latest political scheme to mislead the public."

I, too, am outraged by the governor's broken promise to pay back the $2 billion he
borrowed from our public schools, but you are hardly in a position to complain, are
you?  You are just as guilty as the governor of coming up with schemes to mislead
the public about your broken promises. Under your direction, CTA has engaged in
name-calling, reneged on promises, violated the law and lied to cover up its

You state that “… [Arnold’s] calling educators liars is bad enough. But claiming
that he is fully funding Proposition 98 is perpetrating the biggest
fraud since Enron - and it's against our schools and kids.”   

Ms. Kerr, we can all see that the governor has a bad habit of saying one thing and
doing another.  But you and your friends do the same thing.  One example is CTA’s
claim that documents subpoenaed by me in my San Diego Superior Court lawsuit
against CTA were "accidentally thrown away" or "lost."  No one believes you.  But
you don't care, do you?                  
It certainly does appear that Arnold believes the Terminator was elected governor
of California, but you also act like the Terminator, Ms. Kerr.  CTA is one of the
biggest bullies in the state, and teachers and kids are your usual victims.  
California may rank 43rd in per pupil funding, but I’ll bet that California—largely
as a result of CTA’s policies--ranks quite high in funding for lawyers who help
school districts to violate the law.

I suggest you take a lesson from the lawyer who is currently representing the ten
Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies who shot up a residential street in Compton
on May 9, 2005.  That lawyer immediately wrote out an apology, marched those
ten men into a press conference, and read the apology to the public while the men
stood with very serious expressions on their faces.  Why don't you apologize first,
Ms. Kerr, to the children and teachers you have harmed?  Then maybe we can get
Arnold to admit that he promised to pay back that $2 billion he borrowed from the
kids of California.