2008 GCCCD board
[Below is the prescient essay I wrote about Rosinski in 2006.]

Questions for Ms. Rosinski:

Did Barbara Abeyta come to you, the President of her CTA local, and ask for advice as to whether an effort
should be made to correct her  
illegal OAH decision, Ms. Rosinski?  Did you support, as Abeyta did, firing a
teacher for filing grievances and a lawsuit?  That was the order coming down from CTA headquarters in
Burlingame, and no one messes with Beverly Tucker and Caroline Doggett, right?  Certainly not if they want
support from the Democratic Party in an election.  

Did you give Barbara Abeyta any support in such an effort?  I ask this as a Democrat who is disgusted with
craven obedience of the Democratic Party to the teachers union.

[The answer to this question is a resounding YES.  
I discovered in 2008 that Rosinski was on the board that directed Tim O'Neill, the executive director of South
County Teachers United, to cover up illegal actions, and authorized CTA lawyers to help him.  Rosinski was
also president of the teachers union in National School District, where Barbara Abeyta worked.]

2006 candidate for Grossmont High School District Board,* former President
National City Elementary Teachers Association.

*Update 2006: Ms. Rosinski is running for Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District instead.  Was
someone afraid Rosinski would be an embarrassment to the teachers at GUHSD?  The truth is, Rosinski is very
likely among the least dishonest of CTA officials.
To East County PAC, 2006
San Diego

Have you questioned your candidate, Mary Kay Rosinski, about
financial support of illegal activitiesby CTA  when she was
president of National City Elementary Teachers Association?

Why not help your candidate by supporting efforts to rectify  
illegal actions by CTA against teachers?

Or have you advised her to stay in line with CTA, to keep the
campaign money flowing?
Mary Kay Rosinski
I am going to vote for Mary Kay Rosinski.

Yes, I recently discovered that she was involved with
CTA and
CVE in covering up illegal actions against me during my lawsuit.

But the sad truth is that the current board members of Grossmont
Cuyamaca Community College District are far more corrupt
Mary Kay Rosinski.  Mary Kay will very likely provide some
checks and balances to the current abusive practices of the board.

Ironically, Rosinski was involved in my case with the very same
people (
Stutz, Artiano Shinoff and Holtz) whom she is now

That's how politics works.  Opponents sometimes get in bed
together.  But Rosinski is not a full member of the group in
power.  She will challenge them on many issues.

Two years ago, I had my suspicions that she was involved in my
case (see below), but I didn't know for sure.

This year I found out that during the entire time my case was
going on, from
June 2000 to June 2006, Mary Kay Rosinski was
on the board of directors that controlled Tim O'Neill, the CTA
executive director of South County Teachers United (SCTU), who
worked with
Jim Groth and Gina Boyd to protect Robin Donlan
Linda Watson, teachers who had taken secret and illegal
actions against me.
Election 2008 results
I think I made a mistake when I wrote this:
While reading this San Diego Union Tribune article about Mary
Kay Rosinski's big-money backers, I was wishing that the
reporter had asked Mary Kay Rosinski why she didn't run against
incumbent Bill Garrett.  I have concluded that it was because
Rosinski didn't want to criticize Garrett's corrupt decisions.  
She's not anti-corruption, she's just pro-union.  

She targeted the
one board member who had questioned corrupt
actions, trustee Timothy Caruthers, who complained to the FBI
after learning that district Chancellor Omero Suarez had the
buyout clause deleted from his contract.   Suarez re-inserted the
buyout clause when Caruthers made inquiries about it.  

Rosinski has a record of paying union lawyers to cover up
wrongdoing in Chula Vista Elementary School District.  GCCCD
can count on Rosinski to work well with GCCCD's current
lawyers; her union lawyers worked with Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff &
Holtz in at least one case in South County Teachers United when
Rosinski was a board member.  (Her work for SCTU was detailed
in Rosinski's campaign materials.)

I got fooled by Rosinski when she said she had questions about
GCCCD's legal expenditures.  I imagine the only question she'll
ask Stutz law firm is, "How much money do you need to keep this
2008 election:
I think I made a mistake voting for
Mary Kay Rosinski.  
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