Maura Larkins was
fascinated and
amazed  as she
a man in a position of
so much responsibility
and being paid as
much as
Rick Werlin
(over $150,000 during
his final year),
behaving in a manner
completely bereft of
any emotional control
or sense of appropriate
professional behavior.  

Shamefully, not only
the school board, but
also current CVE
President Jim Groth
and current CTA
President Barbara
Kerr defended and
supported this
behavior by Mr. Werlin.
Maura Larkins' Safety Grievance triggered
Grievance Report Form                           Level 1
To be used only after informal conference has been held and grievance is not resolved,
or in cases where the grievance is initiated at Level II.
Type Only
Last Name                    First Name                M.I.                     Date                                             
Larkins                 Maura                H.                Nov. 13,  2001
School/Department                                   Position                                                                       
Castle Park                                        teacher
Rick Werlin
Dr. Gil refused to acknowledge that teachers have a right to immediate
protection from physical danger according to Contract Article 14.  On October
5, when she turned the meeting over to Rick Werlin, Dr. Gil again made clear
that she would support any action Rick Werlin might have taken (or might
take).  She dismissed my concerns in a gesture by handing me a thick
pamphlet clearly marked as intended for parents and members of the
Dr. Gil refused a request by CTA that Werlin’s actions against me be investigated by
someone other than Werlin himself.  Tim O’Neill’s request and Libby’s refusal are

On October 5, 2001 Dr. Gil and Rick Werlin further endangered my safety by
me to go to
Loma Verde School on October 8, 2001 without publicly
retracting the serious charges against me, or even lifting the ban on my setting foot on
other district property.

Transferring me involuntarily is in itself a message to everyone in the community that
the accusations against me were justified.  

Why would I be transferred involuntarily if I had done nothing wrong?

Werlin made it clear on August 13 that I am forbidden to talk about “the past.”  

His words were, “Maura needs to forget the past before she is ready to start over at a
new school.”

For my safety, I know I do need to forget the past before I start over at another school.

It is not safe for me to go to any school in CVESD until “the past,” which includes five
unresolved grievances regarding Werlin’s behavior, is dealt with.  

Werlin has made it clear that if I exercise my legal rights,
he will not be motivated to end the attacks he has

Also, I would not be allowed to alleviate fear and anxiety
and gossip and hostility among co-workers at my new
school by telling the truth.

The district has fully supported perpetrators of slanders against me.  In fact, two
administrators, Gretchen Donndelinger and Rick Werlin were among those who
engaged in slander against me.  My principal, Gretchen Donndelinger, accused me of
being a potential murderer.  There have been no apparent negative consequences for
any of my accusers.  

The fact that actions against me have not even been investigated sends the message
that I am fair game, and anyone can say anything about me without negative
consequences from the district.  Those who have said good things about me, on the
other hand, have been pointed out by Werlin, and made to suffer.
I discussed this with my principal/supervisor on                                                            
October 5, 2001
Date                             Signature of grievant                                                                        
CVE/Level 1 Grievance
2  Offer to meet
with Dr. Gil
4  To Dr. Gil
regarding ban
3  To Werlin
regaring ban
To go back to Did
CVESD violate EERA
In fact, Dr. Gil underlined her support of Rick Werlin's threatening
behavior by having Werlin himself respond to my September faxes!  
Grievance regarding Article 14--Safety

On September 27 and 28 and on October 3, I sent faxes (which are
enclosed) to the district reporting my concerns for my safety.  

Neither Dr. Gil nor Rick Werlin made any attempt to discuss or investigate
or remedy the problems I described.  Not even temporary protection was
afforded me, such as permitting me to avoid a potentially dangerous
Maura Larkins turned out
to be precisely correct
when she guessed that
Rick Werlin must have
suggested to teachers
that they call him at home
and report that they
feared Maura Larkins
would kill them.  Jo Ellen
this information during
her deposition.
(Exhibits attached for a total of 9 pages)
This grievance was
summarily denied
by none other than
Rick Werlin

The teachers union
refused to demand

The Public
Relations Board
found that the
teachers union
represented Maura
Larkins fairly!?

The Office of
Hearings found that
Rick Werlin made a
sincere effort to help
Maura Larkins return
to work.  Sincere?
Proposed remedy to grievance:

My physical security should be protected.

Someone other than Dr. Gil or Rick Werlin should be responsible for protecting me.

Rick Werlin should not be allowed to further intimidate me with verbal abuse or do
further damage to my reputation, livelihood or health.  CVESD should repair
damage done by Werlin.

The power given to Rick Werlin by CVESD to violate my constitutional, legal,
contractual and human rights should be taken away.

Rick Werlin should not be Superintendent's Designee for any of my five grievances.

Rick Werlin should not be allowed to determine my payroll status.

The district should investigate and discipline perpetrators of slander and libel.

The district should enforce the California State Education Code and the Contract,
and cease its support of administrators and others who violate California State Law
and the U.S. Constitution.
"Those who have
said good things
about me, on the
other hand, have
been pointed out by
Werlin, and made
to suffer."
Mr. Werlin attacked
Principal Bill Hall so
viciously that Mr. Hall
suffered a mild
stroke and an
ambulance was
Maura Larkins
more calmly to
Mr. Werlin's
There has been no effort by the district to dispel rumors about me among staff and
parents and children [at
Castle Park Elementary School].  I need protection from
the further dissemination and amplification of old rumors, and from the creation of
new rumors.  

In this environment of fear and ignorance and hysteria
and hostility I fear another call to police, and possibly
being arrested on false charges.  I fear for my safety.  
People are calling me a potential mass murderer.  

Our national media produces a regular stream of stories about innocent people
convicted of crimes.  I’ve enclosed some information about Wenatchee,
Washington.  Also, lives can be damaged without convictions.  Who can forget Dale
Akiki?  The damage done to Jim Wade and his family and Stephanie Crowe’s family
was even more tragic.  At other times, citizens have been known to take justice
into their own hands, and seriously harm people whom they believe to be guilty
(but are not).  

Recently one of my former students, who had always run to hug me any time she
saw me on the playground, stared at me in silence the first two or three times we
happened to meet.  Finally she told me that she had heard that the principal said I
couldn’t go back to the school anymore, and that the police had come.

I have been threatened both by Werlin and others who are joined with him in this
web of hysteria and hostility.  Werlin has not only broken the contract, but also
engaged in verbal abuse, slander and libel.  His false accusations and calls to the
police put me in danger of physical harm.  He has also encouraged hostile feelings
against me among teachers and maintenance workers and others, which puts me in
danger of physical harm.  

This disregard for my safety is extremely ironic, since I was first taken out of my
classroom eight months ago immediately after two teachers called Werlin on a
Saturday evening and made the claim that they feared I might kill them!  

Oddly enough, the two teachers called during the same half-hour on the same
Saturday evening.

Stranger still, Rick Werlin had called and left me a message the previous Thursday,
when I was home sick, and I returned his call, but he did not get back to me that
day or the next.  Since I was absent both Thursday and Friday, there could have
been no new incidents to report on Saturday.  

One wonders if Werlin did not suggest to the teachers that
they call him at home on Saturday.  Update:  this guess by
Maura Larkins
turned out to be correct.

The administration’s disregard for the contract and the law is epitomized by Werlin’
s direction to Maureen Grove to record the week of April 16 through April 20 as
administrative leave in my payroll records.  He apparently wanted to make the
record show that I went directly from administrative leave to sick leave, making it
appear that the original accusations had validity, and covering-up the events of
March and April.  Werlin succeeded in making Maureen believe that my absence
card was incorrect.  Maureen was shocked when I told her the truth on June 7.
Since this grievance
was filed, other
employees and
witnesses have
reported that Richard
Werlin screamed, used
foul language, and
demonstrated a
complete lack of
restraint when
verbally assaulting
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Events at CVESD
Chula Vista
Elementary School
District was
represented by
Daniel Shinoff at
the time of this
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Rick Werlin, Libia
Gil, Gina Boyd, and
Jim Groth ruled by

Maura Larkins
sought protection
from the courts.
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Loma Verde
was Jim
Groth territory.   He
was grievance chair of
Chula Vista Educators
at the time, and later
became president of
CVE. Maura Larkins
knew that Jim Groth
had no interest in
protecting her rights.  
He had, in fact,
perpetrated a hoax on
her by
pretending to
file a grievance which
was revealed during
Superior Court
discovery never to
have been filed!
A top administrator
was out of control.
1  Letter to Gil
regarding Werlin's
Letter to Gil regarding Werlin's behavior
To Dr. Gil regarding ban
One day after receiving this grievance, CVESD threatened to dismiss Maura Larkins.  The
day after that, CVESD stopped Larkins' benefits.
How did CVESD manage to make such a mess out of this case?  
Why did CVESD defend its lawyer against an obstruction of justice complaint?
Why would CVESD spend $100,000s to defend teachers who apparently went nuts, and
ultimately got the label "
Castle Park Five" in the press?
San Diego
Education Report
Shinoff's advice?  The evidence
shows Shinoff did indeed
approve these actions.  He
wouldn't have made $100,000s if
he had simply told the district to
discipline the group of teachers
who violated the law.